Chapter Six: Determination

  I tried harder and harder to learn more and more fighting skills. I had to learn more; what if Death found me, and I wasn't dreaming?

  So I fought harder, and did everything that the martial arts teacher told me to. I was now a black belt in all martial arts; I'd finished all of the other fighting training as well, and I was just about ready to move onto training my powers.

  I once thought I got it when I stared and concentrated on an apple- for three hours- but what good will that do in a fight? Should I just ask the opponent to wait for a few hours? I don't think he would.

  But one night, when the sky was pitch black, and the moon was hidden, I heard a noise. I wasn't much, but I was trained to pick up on things like this. It sounded like a crack.

  I swiftly jumped out of my bed, and crouched down, ready to spring. I turned my head slightly and closed my eyes trying to used my now enhanced senses.

The End

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