Chapter Four: An Adventure

They told me that they had to take me to Newquay, Cornwall. I did so with great enthusiasm. I'd always loved Newquay; most of my family used to live there before... Well, before then.

I'd always loved surfing, so I was gonna go to the beach first thing in the morning, no matter what. I hadn't been on holiday for a decade, and when I did, I was a natural. Even for a seven year old.

But I had to train non stop, so getting out of that would be hard. But the training was fun anyway. I didn't only learn about using my power, but I also learnt Taekwondo, and other Martial Arts.

"I don't know why I have to learn all of this crap." I exclaimed one day to my mentor- Mr Adams, "Can't I just make people die instead of beating them up?" I said. Mr Adams frowned,

"Don't be lazy, Danté. If you can't kill someone- like your friend Matt-"


"Yeah him-  what are you gonna do? Cry and run away?" I rolled my eyes when he said this. I wasn't really one for crying, or running away.

But life was good here. I gained loads of friends, and most of them don't get affected by my powers, but that was because of some charm made by the local Wicca, Cici.

But I could never escape my past...

The End

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