Chapter Two: The Truth

They rolled their dark eyes, and laughed.

"We're not really arresting you, dude!" one of them exclaimed, "We just needed a convenient way of taking you to this place without suspicion. We would've just asked you normally, but you also needed a reason to leave so suddenly." He explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I was still a little confused,

"So, what did you want? And why am I leaving so suddenly?" I asked,

"Well, since you're a Death-Lord, you kinda need to be trained."

"A Death- what?"

"A Death-Lord. It's someone who can kill anyone they want without touching them. At first they can't control it, but when they get trained, they can focus it better."

"There has only ever been three before."

"Okay, now I've only been alive for seventeen years, and so much has happened to me. My mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunties and uncles, friends and foster parents have all died, and now you tell me I have powers?" I accused. They backed away a little bit.

The End

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