The Stench Of Blood, By Dane

Death surrounds Dante Russell. It follows him wherever he goes, and there is no-one that has survived his unlucky wrath. It's not a power or anything, just unluckiness. His family; his friends-everyone he'd ever loved are now dead. he is now running from the Police. Follow his journey. Join Dante.

Lemme introduce myself. My name is Dante David James Russell. I have midnight-black hair that falls down to my eyebrows; I have vibrant blue eyes; I'm very pale, and death surrounds me, following me like a stalker.

It all started when I was born. My father started to get sick as soon as he left the hospital after taking me home. A few days later, he died. They say it was of 'natural causes', but I believe that it was more like 'mystical forces'.

After that it was fine for about a month. But then my mother started to get the same symptoms, so she went to the doctors. They kept her in, just in case. She stayed in that hospital for days, and never left. There was nothing the doctors could do.

Next, it was my auntie- the one who adopted me after that. She had, again, the same symptoms. You can guess what happened after that.

The same thing happened to my other aunties, my uncles, my grandmother and grandfather, and then it moved onto my friends. Only one was immune to it.

Mack Jean. He'd been my friend since day one. I don't remember a time when I wasn't friends with him. He's still alive now, only I don't see him as much- I don't want to push my luck.

Sometimes I wonder why Mack was immune, but I don't really care. I don't even know if he is immune; he could just die because of a delayed reaction. A very delayed reaction. This is why I don't see him as much.

This is my life, and I've learnt to live with it. Although, if I were to be lucky enough to find other friends that are immune, then I am alone for the rest of my life. If I ever die, that is.

See, I have this theory. Maybe I'm giving my future death to people in parts; maybe when I run out of death, then I wont have any to give, and I would never die, so I would be thrilled if that happens to happen. But this is just a theory.


The End

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