“I’ll come to bed. No Physician.” He made to stand up and swayed slightly. He hadn’t realised it had been so long. With a city to run, preparations to make for the journey north and the pressures of keeping the vassals happy, he could hardly remember his last meal, even.
                “Stubborn man.” She cooed, deciding not to help him. Instead, she slowly rubbed her stomach. “I was thinking of names.”
                Aulric picked up on the hesitation in her voice. He grunted, trying to reach the bed.
                “I was thinking we’d name our child after one of your siblings—“
                “—which one?” It came out quickly, as if he had expected it, waiting on the back of his mind, always there. It was an old sore now, deeper than all the scars numbering his body.
                Now she paced over to him, clasped his face and turned it around. There was a smouldering intensity in her eyes. He felt guilty.
                She seemed to ignore his cutting remark. “I thought we would decide on the day. That we would know.”
                “I’m like to still be on duty when you give birth.” He found it hard to hold in the bitterness, but it seemed to make her smile regardless.
                “We aren’t going anywhere. Just make sure to come back don’t forget us when you’re with your boys.” She chimed a laugh until her face grew serious again. “I want to give you a son, yet I can’t help wish we had a little Lilianne running around.”
                The laugh came out before he could stop it, one that had been waiting a year, it went on longer than it ought to. Finally he said, “Are you sure?” He dropped to the bed and watched her. The intensity seemed only in the background now, giving light to a strange glint. “She was a real pest, you’ll remember.” Her hand clutched at the desk as she leaned against it. “And she did hate that name, Lilianne, Anne... Maybe Lia, she liked that—“ Kyra sprang forwards, clutching his cheek, smoothing him with a kiss and holding him there. Her hot breath wound around his features. He reacted in kind, trailed them down to her neck.
                “Six months, you’ll be gone from my bed for six months.” He rested his forehead against hers, his breathing heavy. “I will miss you.”
                “Prove it,” he smiled.

The End

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