Teryn watched as everyone’s eyes flicked towards everyone else. The silence felt uncomfortable.
                “Well I have just one way to solve my wine problem; I will simply raise the price of wine from the Westguard exponentially. Would the Honourable High Lords agree with me?” Lord Theran rolled his eyes.
                “At this moment in time, I have little care for your petty problems.”  He tapped a finger on his high backed chair, seemingly deep in thought, then stood up. “Lord Teryn, I would speak with you soon if you would not mind,” Teryn nodded.
                “It shouldn’t be a problem, I will be in touch.” Teryn wondered what he wished to speak about. He could only presume it had something to do with what had transpired.
                “First however, Lord General, if you would walk with me, we can discuss the pirate problem.” He walked away from the table expectantly and Justen followed him.
                “The sooner we sort this out I suppose, the better.” The pair of them stepped through the double doors.
                Now it was just Lord Jarin and Ethen.
                “Well this has been a productive meeting, for once.” Lord Ethen grumbled, drifting off as he yanked at his collar.
                “Oh hasn’t it just.” Jarin mused. “I wonder, Treasurer of the Realm, how much the Crown would be willing to pay to have my Rosen Red and Dawnrosé at this tournament?” The smile on his face was unsettling.
                Ethen coughed several times, opening and closing his book. “Well, the last time Louennon bought your beverages in bulk, you charged 10,000 Golden Crowns for 50 wagons.” He coughed a few more times, “er, that is quite a sufficient sum, yes?”
                “Aha, you would think so hm?” Jarin stood up, moving around the table and placing an arm on Ethen’s shoulder. “But no, no I don’t think so. Now let me see, I am being taxed three times the amount I was last year, not to mention the war has paid a toll on the amount of workers I have had to take from the farms and into the militia, so the remaining had to work twice as hard. Finally, with the emotional trauma people have been through, I imagine the need for a good drink has increased so I believe we’re talking more along the lines of, oh, say 100,000 Golden Crowns?”
                Ethen spluttered, a great hacking cough rendering him unable to speak for a time.
                “Preposterous, far too much, the King would never agree, no—“
                “Then let us engage in a little haggling, hmm?”
                “I will leave you gentlemen to this delightful talk.” Teryn grunted, and stood up.
                “Oh Lord Teryn, leaving so soon.” Justen’s cold eyes fell on his. “I imagine you have plenty to be excited about. Just be sure not to overdo it, I would hate for you to come to harm.”
                “Yes well, enjoy your winecups.” Lord Teryn spoke, and opened the door.
                Outside, the guard hailed him. Teryn nodded and continued onwards. When he turned left, a figure stepped in beside him.
                “My Lord, not so fast!”
                Teryn did not slow down. Not for him.

The End

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