“Your Majesty, a convenience for him that he happens to believe his own son more capable than mine. He simply seeks to boost his own hold on the Kingdom, that is all. The steed should not be too big for the Knight if you ask—“ Lord Jarin began, but King Leon cut him off with a look.
                “—Lord Justen has proven himself a valiant Commander, his previous meritable actions are not without notice, but his actions in the Barbaran Uprising allowed my people to bleed. I will take this into consideration and in the next few days, I shall decide if the allegations against his name warrant a change in stature.” Justen tried to speak over the King who paid him no heed and instead turned to Lord Ethen. “Are you writing this down?” Lord Ethen jumped and pulled out a sheaf of paper, splashing his quill into the ink so that bits sprayed onto the table. He furiously scribbled down what had been said. “I wish for a copy for the annals, it will help me review what was said. Lord Justen I suggest you quiet down or I will strip you of rank and title right now.” The King warned and he sat down.
                It had not gone as well as it could have done, but it could have been worse too, Teryn decided.
                “Now, are there any other matters you wish to tend to in this meeting?” The King looked around the table.
                Lord Ethen coughed when the King’s eyes passed over him. “Well My Lord, I have been told that the pirates have been spotted on Heart Lake.” He pushed his large tome aside and leafed through his papers. “Ah, yes here.” He held up one of the parchments, “The first sighting, by fishermen in Sol’s Port caught them sailing towards the Rocke River and a second sighting by villagers near Lena’s Fall, they moved towards the Capital, then circled back around.” Ethen coughed and grumbled as he put the parchment back down.
                “What are we doing to show them they should have a little fear, hm?” Once again the King cast his gaze on everyone, lingering slightly on Lord Theran and Justen Tallor.
                “The Heart Lake is not my domain, nor is Rocke River, however I can assist the Royal navy if my King deems it necessary, otherwise my fleet could use a bolstering to stop their entrance.” Lord Theran seemed thoroughly uncomfortable; it seemed to Teryn, who was simply glad that the attention had turned away from him.
                “The Royal fleet has been kept in the capital’s harbour to protect the Royal line. If Your Majesty would wish it, I can move His fleet to attack?” There seemed to be a defeated sound to his voice as he spoke.
                “You were made the Lord General to act on these matters without my consent, but report to me. There is clearly a lack of communication here.” The King’s hand slammed down on the table. “I am done here, I suggest you all get to work and resolve these problems soon.”
                With that, King Leon swept past the table and strode across the room, pushing through the door.

The End

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