Her hand clasped his and she hoisted him bodily upwards. He used that to put his knees on the gap, then stood up, holding onto the wall.
                “Sweet tower, never fall.” The breath came out ragged.
                “Are those tears in your eyes?” Anny’s cackle drifted through the night. “You really ought to-“
                “Are you stupid?” He spat. “What are you even doing here?”
                “Be careful, I could just as easily push you off this wall, lose one annoying brother and inherit this castle in one stroke.”
                For a moment he couldn’t tell if she were being serious. “Why are you up here?”
                “I’m quite certain Alby is taking the head maid to his bed. I am set on proving it.” She flashed him a wicked smile and tested a piece of stone.
                “Let me guess, he told you something you didn’t want to hear?” Her head dropped and for an instant, she looked painfully sad. Then she resumed her search.
                “Two things and neither of which I am much inclined to discuss with you.” She wasn’t really looking now, just stroking the bricks.
                “I know one of them, I’ll wager.” She didn’t look at him. “I remember your eleventh birthday.” He let that hang between them for a time. She had stopped moving now, her eyes taking on a glassy appearance. “You woke up, and for half the day, father didn’t come out of his study. You were so angry with him, you stole your cake from the kitchens, clambered up the East Tower and threatened to drop it down. A feat I still can’t figure out how you accomplished.”
                She snorted. “I even referred to it as the south tower. Father came out then.”
                “He was furious with you. He yelled at you so you dropped your own cake down to spite him. Eventually you came back down, and you didn’t even cry.”
                “Yes, and father boxed my ears for that, whilst the servants watched and giggled. He scolded me so much in his study I almost fell asleep. He even threatened to lock me in the tower, then told me he’d been arranging for me to inherit Walrus Watch.” She let out a small laugh. “When I asked him why you got to have Samon Hold, he boxed my other ear and told me I ought to be grateful.” He could not read her expression at that moment. “Why bring it up?”
                “You were hurting because father wasn’t around, then you hurt yourself more by ruining your own cake and birthday.” He pushed.
                “Stop now. Memory time is over.” She warned in reply.
                “Well guess what Anny, Father is not around now and you are hurting again. You are being reckless, stupid and ignorant of those around you—“
                “Stop. Stop it.”
                “—if you carry this on, you are like to get yourself killed and I won’t let it happen. I refuse to go through that—“
                “-NO-!”  She clutched his collar. For an instant he thought she might make good on her threat and really push him. “-just-just stop.”
                “It’s time to cry Anny.”

The End

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