The Stealth Incident: DopplegangerMature

Agent Frost laughed, "This all seems like a load of shit to me,"
"I assure you," the other Jack said, "that it is not.  My younger self HAS to make it to Holo-Dev tonight,"

"That's impossible," Frost said.
"Why?" I wondered.
"I don't have that kind of authority!" Frost said, "No one here does.  The way we see it, the two of you are a threat to National Security, and you," he pointed to me, "are our only lead in finding Keller!"

"What the hell is this really about!?" I asked, "What did Steven do?"

The door opened and admitted a stunning woman, with brown hair loosely draped over her slender shoulders, and framing one of the most beautiful faces I'd ever seen, "He stole from us, Doctor Hutton!" she said.

"Jack Hutton, this is Doctor Samantha Dorchester.  She heads up R&D and xeno-tech research here at Area 51."  Frost introduced.

"Xeno-Tech .. what the hell is that?!" I asked, "I didn't know that was a branch of our government,"

"It's not," Samantha Dorchester said, "I don't exsist!" her smile was white as pearls, wrapped within perfect lips.  She was well dressed, in a knee-length cotton-dress skirt (grey) with a short sleeveless matching chemise, covered by a white lab coat.  As far as sexy women went, for scientists like me, Samantha Dorchester was the Rachel Welsh out of Cal-Tech. 

She extended her hand, and I stood there for a moment staring at it.  Impishly, I thumbed my forehead and offered a sheepish chuckle, "Of course, pardon me: Jack Hutton!"

"yes, I know you very well, doctor!" she said, "Graduated '82 at Cal-Tech - top 3 in your class in Astrophysics and Aeronotic engineering.  Published your first paper as an under-grad debunking some of Einstein's theories on relativity!"

"Not debunking, ammending!" both my doppleganger and myself said in unison.

Dorchester didn't seem the least bit phased that there were two of me in the room, however, i could not say the same for the Older Jack Hutton.  His eyes lingered upon the young doctor for too long; almost regrettably.  I was torn from my ravery by Samantha's crystal voice,

"You've written two novels; both of which saw marginal success," my face twisted with the truth.  Not many people completely understood Particle physics and astro-navigational theory, "And you were partnered with Steven Keller for nearly 8 years on the Holo-Stealth technology which has now gone missing!"

"And you believe I've had something to do with it!"
"Yes!" Samantha was frank as her green eyes pierced mine.
"That's impossible.  I only helped with the original design and prototype.  There have been several iterations of the device.  I was not even consulted on those projects."  I said.

"They believe," Frost said, "That you helped your friend steal it!"
"Why would i do that?" I was emphatic, "There's no way I could have done that.  I didn't even have access to the project!"

My older self walked forward, nose wrinkled with guilt, "That's not exactly true Jack!  Technically you DIDN'T help him... yet!  But I did!"

"Jesus Christ," Frost slapped his head, "What a fuckin' mind-job!"
"Who has the authority to get me out of here!?" i asked.

Samantha Dorchester's eyes looked into mine, "The President of the United States!"

The End

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