The Stealth Incident: InquisitionsMature

Jack Hutton, March 21st, 2005: Area51, Section 47, Room 113.

"Could I get a goddamned drink," it was hot in this, altogether, sterile green room, "You're the Government of the fucking United States, can't you people afford air-conditioning... Jesus!" my voice was hoarse, my throat dry.

My eyes looked from the metal table in front of me, to the concrete floor, to my chrome, stainless steel chair to the mirror which reflect my tired, ill-kept condition.  I did not know the time.  In fact, there was no way for me to know the time.  There were no clocks upon the walls, nor any windows from which i could tell the time of day. 

I'd taken two planes to get here.  Military Aircraft to boot; un-nerving and uncomfortable to say the least.

I sat upright as the door opened.  Another new face.  This one was of a man older than I was, well dressed, but less of a G-man than Agent Cross and his hoodlums.  He sat across from me, looking at a thick information file, no doubt on Stealth-Tech I'd developed.  I was sure he understood less than half of the material, but he did well to look, not only interested in what was written in the file, but also comprehensive of it.  As far as G-Men went, at least they assigned a smart one to me.

His mouth opened to speak, when the door was pushed ajar, Agent Cross peaking in, "Agent Frost?"

Were you kidding me?  Agent Frost in this OVEN of a hell-hole???

The man before me turned, his eyes fixed upon Cross, "I was asked not to be disturbed,"  Frost's voice had a deep timbery tone - an almost Samuel L. Jackson tone.

"I think you might be interested in this,"
"Can't it wait?"
"Uh, I don't think so.. Beside Dave's on his way, and you know how he gets,"
"Fine," Frost let out a gruff sigh, "Get Dr. Hutton, here, a glass of water, and turn up the AC.  It's hot as hell in here,"

"Thank you," i managed to peep before Frost left me alone again.

When Cross returned, I asked, "I don't suppose you could tell me what I'm doing here?"
"No, sir," Cross shook his head, "Need to know; and I don't need to know. "
"I see." I drank from the glass given to me; the water was warm, but in this heat, it was refreshing.  I stared at the stoic agent, and cleared my throat, "My wife was having my first child, you know," i tried to impress some humanity into the agent.
"Yes," was his reply.
"I don't suppose you know what she had?  We were waiting until the birth date to find out.  If it's a boy we were going to name him, Liam - if it was a girl ..."

"I don't know, Dr. Hutton," Agent Cross interrupted, "When my detail here is done, I will ask my superiors as to your wife's status.." he made it clear there was to be no more discussion the matter.

I clamped my mouth shut, and looked left, and then right - somewhere in the fantasy of my mind, I sought an escape.  But I found none.  Only lime green walls, a white door with a slide window in it, and a mirror - a table and two chairs... and my empty glass of water.

The door opened, and Frost entered.  He was flustered and sweat matted.  "We'll have the Air turned on in a second, Doctor," he said.

"It IS hot," I commented.
"Thank you, Agent Cross!" Frost dismissed the man.

I sat high in my chair and barked, "Megan!" my face offered only a weak, apologetic smile as Cross turned around.
"excuse me?" he asked.

"If my wife had a girl, we're calling her, Megan; Megan Louise Hutton," I said.

Agent Cross's lips thinned as he left, closing the heavy metal door behind himm with a clang.

"Why do i get the feeling I'm being persecuted, Agent Frost?" I asked.

"I can assure you, Doc, nothing can be farther from the true,"

I looked around the room, and the sparseness of it, and I chuckled despite myself, "Really?"

"Listen," Frost said sitting, "I'll get right to the point.  What can you tell me about Holo-Stealth Technology!"

"You've read the file, Agent Frost - I imagine it's all there," I replied.
The agent's sharp features split in a knowing smile; even his eyes seemed to smile, he was a genuine man.
"It's all very fantastic," he said, "I mean, do i understand this correctly?" he fingered through the file, and tapped a page, "You've found a way to make a vehicle -- any vehicle run completely silent?  And invisible even?"

His summary was crude; in fact it did not even scratch the surface as to what Holo-Stealth Tech did.. but the Military was interested in those particular facets of the technology.

"Essentially,  but it can do much more than that,"
"Like what, exactly?"
"I can't tell you that!" I said incredulously, "I am bound by, i don't know how many, NDA's."

"We are cleared to know,"

I shrugged, "Essentially we found a way to ... bend light in on itself," i said, knowing full well the implications would be lost on the good agent.

"I thought a Prism did that," he quipped.

"Ok. much like a prism, only instead of using glass, we use a highly, negitively charged particle, which we've dubbed Crichton Particle, and gravity to do it.  We surround a subject and bombard it with this gravity well, and it simply disappears.  You can see it, nor hear it, until the subject makes it to its destination and, in theory, appears as if out of thin air when the device is disengaged,"

"in theory, you say,"
"It is still in trials, and do not ask me the results, i am not at liberty to say, and will say nothing more unless you get our Lawyer here .. "

"I see, Ok! .. Ok, trade secrets, i get it" Frost put his hand up, "But i believe you."
"Pardon me?"
"I believe that it does a hell of a lot more than hide machines and make them quiet.. Why would something so boring cost tax-paying," he flipped to the back page of his file and whistled, "47.5 billion dollar.  Jesus Christ, Doctor Hutton, that's a serious chunk of change!"

"There's nothing boring about Holo-Stealth,"
"I bet," Frost smiled.  "Now you designed this stuff?"
"No. An engineer named Steven Keller came up with the theory and the initial Scramble-Stealth design,"
"so what was your involvment?" from Frost.

"I refined the technology, and together Steven and I built the first prototype."
"Steven eh? On a first name basis, I see?"
"Steven and I graduated Cal-Tech .. what am I doing here, Agent Frost.  I have a wife who has given birth to a child, I've yet to see - I don't even know if it's a boy or a girl, for Christ Sakes and you have me over here wasting my fucking time.  Now I demand to know why i've been brought here against my will!"

I was met with calm silent.  When Agent Frost resumed, his voice was leveled and soft.  "There's been an incident - actually, two incidences that we are now aware, and somehow, it involves your friend, Steven Keller - who is now missing - and now it involves you .."  Frost stood up, "Bring him in," he said to the mirror.

I stood up, but Frost was quick to point, "You may wanna sit down for this!"

"I don't understand," i said just as the door opened, and I made to sit down.  Another man walked in; older, greying hair, aged skin, but healthy.  His eyes were intelligent, even wise, i'd say, and he wore a salt-n-pepper beard, that had outgrown its clippers.

"Hello Jack!" he said. I was taken aback.  I did not know this man from Adam, and yet, there was something eerily familiar about him. The way he stood; held himself.  The way he walked, hands in his pockets.

"Hello," i replied, "Do I know you?" i asked.
"He's you, Doctor Hutton," Frost said.

"We didn't believe him either.  But we confirmed, his DNA and yours are absolutely identicle." Frost said.
"He's right, Jack.  I am you - but i'm from the future - and for now you are just going to have to have faith and believe me."

My mind was racing.  How was this possible.  We'd always believe, in theory that we could go back in time.. but getting back was impossible - you could only go one way.. at least that was what we thought ... how was this possible?

"I know your mind is going over Space-Time formulas, and you're asking yourself, 'how is this possible," and the ONE-Way Only theory.. " my doppleganger said, "I'm here.. i'm real." he sat across from me, and accept for the clear signs of aging - why i looked .. 55 maybe?  .. there was no doubting he was me.  I reached to touch his hand, and he snatched it away .. "No, Jack.. you know better.. " he raised his hands and made as if a firecracker went off in his palms, "Poof..." he smiled.

"how.. why?" I stammered.

"How isn't important right now.. The WHY, however, is!  There will be an explosion, Jack, at Holo-Dev - tomorrow night, in Lab 47.  You will be in that explosion.  Somehow, you have to stop it."

"Why .. how does it happen."
"An experiment gone wrong, Jack.  Steven was wrong.  It's not a mini-black hole... It's a time-or dimensional shift... That explosion let's them through!"

"Them?  Who are THEY?"

"The Archeons.. and they will bring Armeggedon!"

The End

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