The Stealth IncidentMature

Wednesday, March 21st, 2005 had started out being the best day of my life.  I'd just gotten a promotion: Assistant Director of Net Security at Holo-Dev Inc., and my wife, Laura, was about to have my first child.  I, only needed to head to the office for a 15 minute briefing before I took some well-deserved leave for the hospital to see my baby being born.

"Jack!" Director Wilem Jeffries waved me down.
"Sir?" I waved, a smile splitting my face in half, no doubt.
"I heard about, Laura, congratulations,"
"Thank you, Mr. Jefferies, I couldn't be happier," i joined him in mid-step as we, both, made for the conference room, "I am anxious to see this done, if you don't mind my saying,"
"We'll try to have you out of here quickly; it shouldn't take long," Wilem Jefferies assured.

"Great," I nodded, pulling the hallway door open for my new boss and following him through, "Any idea what this is all about?"

"Frankly, Jack, I haven't a clue.  I got a call this morning at 5am from Simon Phelps telling me we were required to be here urgently; but he didn't say why!"
"Simon Phelps himself?"

Wilem Jeffries laughed, "Welcome to the fold, son!" he patted me on the back, and my pride MAY have shown a little.  "Here we are," he pointed to the conference door, and opened it for me to enter.

The room was dark, but comfortably lit, with a dark mohagony table hogging much of the center of the room.  Plush black leather chairs surrounded the table, but no one sat in any, yet the room was far from empty.  In front of the large projection screen stood Holo-Dev's Owner and CEO, Simon Phelps, and with him were 5 men dressed in dark suits, each with earpieces in their right ear, and .45's in their hand.

"What the.." i stammered.

Wilem Jeffries almost bumped into me and gently pushed me forward, "What's going on Simon?" he asked.

"All I ask is that you listen," Mr. Phelps said.
"I don't understand,"  Jefferies' head shook.
"Just listen, Wilem,"

"Is this Jack Hutton?" one of the G-Men asked.
"Yes, my new Assistant Director," Jefferies introduced.

"Yes, I signed his approval just yesterday morning," Simon Phelps walked forward and took my hand, "Welcome to the fold, Jack!"

"I'm excited for the opportunity, i assure you, sir," my smiile was sheepish to say the least, "And i don't mean to sound ungrateful, but ..." i swallowed.

"His wife is about to have their first child, Simon - i had granted him some leave,"

"Oh," Simon Phelps' face went sullen.
"I'm afraid he will be unable to leave, Mr. Jefferies," Said the G-man.

"And just who are you?" Wilem said.
"My name is Agent Cross, Aaron Cross.  I am here on the President's Authority to escort, both, you and Mr. Hutton to an undisclosed location,"

"I don't care who's authority you're here on, you can't just take us away without knowing why!" Jefferies said.

"Actually," Agent Cross said, "We can.  If you'll just come with us.."

"But.. my wife is having a baby, I ..." I stammered, half-turning at the door, with half a mind to bolt.
"Simon.. what is going on?" this from Jeffries.
"I think you should do what the men tell you - and say nothing more until you get to .... whereever it is they're taking you?' the CEO said.

"I don't understand," I swallowed hard, my heart racing, "I .. uhm... I just took this position, i really don't have anything to do with ..."

"You are Jack Hutton, yes?" asked Agent Cross.
"Jack Hutton?  Developer of the Latest Holo-Scramble stealth technology?"

Holo-Scramble stealth tech was the latest in Holo-Dev's Billion Dollar successes.  Though it was true that i developed the technology, and its success was the main reason for my new promotion, it was the brain child of, one, Steven Keller - a genius scientist out of Cal-Tech - and my best friend.

"Yes," I answered simply.
"Then I'm afraid you have to come with us, sir,"

My head swiveled and bobbed in shock, "I really don't understand.. I have a baby on the way,"  my jaw clenched, my fear giving way to anger .. "I have to be at the hospital in an hour,"

"That is not longer important!" Agent Cross said, "You WILL come with us," he re-iterated. 

Numbly, I complied, with Mr. Jefferies on my heels, the two of us flanked by 4 men, with Agent Cross in the lead.

"Where are you taking us?" I asked him in the stairwell going down.

"Area 51, sir.  Now i must ask you to keep your mouth shut, or I'll have to gag you!"

The End

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