The StateMature

A world in which everyone in Europe and North America has been absorbed into the state. No war, good wages, you work hard you are rewarded. A country that is the most perfect thing a person could live in.
Isn't it?

 "Ye mum, I'll be back before it gets dark, stop worrying." I sighed slightly handing the cash for a new jumper over the till. It was comfortable, a mellow orange, hood and zip just a quick purchase before I went camping with most of my mates. We’d been planning it for months and I just couldn’t wait. 

 "All right, see you later" I ended the conversation quickly and shut off the call. Nodding to the cashier as he handed me my change and wandered slowly out of the shop into the bustling corridor in the middle of the shopping centre. Stepping out into the middle of it he revelled in the knowledge that I could soon be out there beyond the borders, beyond the news see it first hand, the last wild as it was nicknamed. They said there was still drought and famine, danger, adventure. Well that was still a while off, first I needed to get back to his house before the sun went down or i would never see it rise again.

 Weaving between the rows of people I nearly crashed into the banner of the ‘Aid for the Hungry’ charity which seemed to have been growing in size recently. Well their cause was just enough I suppose, not everyone lived in the State. Tapping the button I waited for the doors to open before dashing out into the cold and started wading my way through the winter snow on my way home.

 Glancing over I spotted a small girl standing by the door huddling down hugging a ragged teddy. Her clothes seemed dirty and a bit too small for her and she stared at me with piercing blue eyes. They made me uncomfortable, kind of sick but I couldn’t turn away. She turned away and ran off down one of the side streets and I quickly lost sight of her. A shiver ran down my spine.

 Moving again I realised my legs had gone numb already from the cold. A smell of hot sausage rolls managed to distract me enough for me to purchase one and be able to force my stiff legs into movement. Shoving the recent experience into a corner of my mind I wandered towards the warm light of the bakers. The jolly man stood behind the counter quickly took my mind of things with the promise of warm food.

 “What can I do for you sonny?” A smile swept over my face, I liked the baker and had often taken to buying a bun on my way to school.

 “Sausage roll, freezing cold outside.” I replied rubbing my hands together and counting out the coins.

 “Sure is, couldn’t get the car started yesterday, had to take the bus,” He babbled as he took the roll out of the oven and wrapped it up for me. “Here you go.”

 I handed him the money and stepped out the door before taking a bite. Ahh, warmth, that made me smile. Closing me eyes for a second I suddenly remembered those eyes, those slightly protruding cheekbones. My eyes snapped open. I just hurried home after that the only thing I could think about all the way home was about that girl. 

The End

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