A Feast, and an Introduction

     Midsummer feast was a party that no one would want to miss.

There would be food and sweets of different flavors. Music that would last until midnight and entertainers that would do tricks with animals, people and objects. And dancing for all ages.

But the thing that I loved to catch a glimpse of the most were the people. Ladies in their silk dress with gems sewn into the dress. The gems would be polished so much that they would easily catch the light and throw it against the dark cloth of the men's pants. The men's pants would be ether a more darker grey, like the color of the clouds right before a storm or the plain boring black.

My brothers would come and tell me of the many exciting things they would see during our breaks between our lessons. Kyoya would be talking about this "lovely young lady" he saw, Markus would be trying to make some of the animal sounds, Luke and Alexander would talk very nevada


The End

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