The Start

Every thing has a starting point.

Like a chicken started out in an egg. Love with a first look. A song with the first note and a story with the first letter. Many people start their social life when they are very young. But for me that wasn't how it all started.

It  was very easy for me to get sick as a child. So my father, trying to keep me as healthy as best as he could by keeping me way from society as much as possible. But for a very hyper active young girl it was very hard.

I grew up with five brothers. (starting from oldest) Michael, Kyoya, Markus, the twins Luke and Alexander. I was closest with the twins, who where three years older then me.

When I managed to get away I would always go with them. We would explore around our father's 25 acres of land. We would be the only ones who would explore our father's land. But that never bothered us. We where having so much fun exploring to need other people besides us three.

"Twig! Come here! We found something!" Alexander yelled

"What is it this time?" I was trying hard not to get my skirt caught as I scrambled over a log.

"We don't know. It could be a new animal."

"No it can't. It's a witches foot print." Alexander said leaning over Luke's left shoulder.

"Not it's not. It's a new animal." I walked on Alexander's right shoulder.

"It's my foot print."

"Thanks for destroying our fun."  They stood up and brushed off their shorts.

"Well, shall we get going?" Luke turned and started to walk away with Alexander just sightly walking in front of Alexander. "Anne, come on or you will be left behind,"

"Oh, coming!" I stood up and hurried after them.


The End

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