If time could stop....

Sheila got up and decided to prepare some breakfast for the Sleeping Beauty.  She quickly donned her clothes, and walked into the kitchen barefoot. The mess in the kitchen left her under no kind of doubt that it was a bachelor's house all right.

"How in the world's name did Mark manage cooking around here," she wondered to herself.

Deciding to cook some eggs and bacon, her all time favorite, she decided to fish it out of the fridge.  She was sure it would be another abominable task as well seeing the condition of the remaining kitchen. Gearing up for the impossible, she opened the fridge.  

Sheila almost fainted after opening the door of the fridge. The mixture of odors which struck her nostrils sent her running out of the room in search of a room freshner and a pair of tongs for her nose. At that moment, the odor was so intoxicating, she did not even get a chance to look inside. 

Finally, all braced up, she went inside and decided to cook something else only for breakfast. She realized that she lacked the courage to open the fridge again and fish out something to cook. Looking into the cupboards with one hand covering her nose, she managed to take out some spaghetti and decided it to be the safest option to cook given the circumstances. 

Hearing all the racket she created, Mark got up and came and hugged her from behind, planting a kiss right on her neck.  His touch made the hair on the back of her neck stand upright. Why did he have such an impact on her always? Sheila could not help but wonder. 

Turning around, he carried her into the bedroom and they made love all over again. At that moment, she wished the world would stop revolving and the clock should stop ticking. She wanted the moments to get preserved the way they were at that moment. 

But it so happens, the things one desires are turned against you, and the impact is such that even God would not be able to help you then.

The End

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