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Slipping and falling, both of them reached his house.  Entering into the warm and cozy house gave some respite to her goosebumps. 

Looking at Mark, she realized that he looked his best at the moment. With the shirt all drenched and clinging onto his skin, it made him look  so sweet and innocent at the same time. Resisting the urge to hug him, she managed to divert her over charged up thoughts. 

Deciding it to be the best time to check out his abode, she started looking around like a child who is searching for hidden treasure. Mark's house proved to be a bachelor's house all right. With the clothes strewn around on the couch, to the empty pizza boxes on the floor, the room looked a mess. But the sense of masculinity the room exuded, provided a warmth to Sheila which took her to a different plane altogether. 

Jostled out of her reverie by Mark's words, she realized she had been staring into space. Bearing an embarrassed look, she asked Mark, " I am sorry but did you say something?"

"Well, as a matter of fact, I did." Mark replied, awarding her with his boyish grin again. " I was asking you if you wanted tea or coffee?"

"Oh, well coffee would do just fine, thanks!!"

"All righty, 2 Expressos coming right up!!!" Saying that, he went zooming into the kitchen.

Seeing him leave, she resumed the task of checking out her surroundings again. Wondering how he lived in a mess like this, Sheila began to tidy up the room a bit. Being oblivious to Mark's entry into the room, she was suddenly taken aback by his warm touch on her skin. His touch felt like melting chocolate on her skin. Realizing she was still wearing wet clothes, she turned around but only ended up falling into his arms. 

His warmth drove her to the edge and not being able to bear the strain anymore, she gave in. Both of them melted into each other's arms and not realizing when their lips met or when they parted with their clothes, they just ended up falling asleep in each other's arms. 

The night passed uneventfully, and Sheila woke up with a serene smile on her face in the morning. Thinking it all a figment of her over active imagination, she was surprised to see Mark lying next to her with just a sheet covering him and his bare essentials. Realizing it wasn't just her dream, she sat in shock for a moment. 

The proceedings of the previous night will surely remain etched on her mind forever.  It was indeed one of the best moments of her life till now. For the first time in so many years had some one made her soul feel complete. 




The End

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