The Past and the Future

She still remembered the first day as clearly as if it was just yesterday. 

It was the 3rd of August when she had met Mark for the first time, or, rather he had bumped into her.  There was something about him which had attracted her right from the start. Those crystal blue eyes, blond tousled hair and chiseled body and the cut of his face had her mesmerized to the extent of being speechless. 

She was in the park opposite her house, jogging when he had bumped into her. All sweaty and panting,  she dropped her I-Pod when he bumped into her. Bending down to retrieve it and cursing at the same time, Sheila had just about looked up when she looked right into those eyes. Not being able to steer her eyes away,  it felt as if they were playing a game of who would blink first. 

Regaining her composure, she straightened up and apologized to him, even though it wasn't her mistake. Mark also apologized to her, but he had a mischievous smile on his face, the same way a small kid has after committing a prank.  She couldn't help but wonder about how he found her to be.

She regarded herself as a very average yet simple woman, complete with a slightly dusky complexion, long jet black hair which fell in curls on to her slender shoulders and a slim figure with a ripe bosom. Eyes the color of dark coal, she had a royal Spanish lineage which made her subtly proud. But she was sure that she also had had a very strong first impact on Mark the first time they bumped into each other.

After apologizing profusely to each other, they went on to their respective paths. Sheila could not resist looking back once. Seeing  Mark also jogging away, she turned and resumed her jog, slightly disappointed for he had not looked back at  her. But the fact, unknown to her, was that Mark had also looked back to see where she was headed.

Moving on, terming everything as coincidence, Sheila reached her place only hoping that she bumped into the guy with the blue eyes again. No one had ever had such a strange impact on her psyche till date. She could not help but wonder how and why Mark had had such a deep impact on her.

It was raining very heavily the next time when she met Mark for the second time. She still remembered the sight very well. Drenched  to the skin, with her wet clothes sticking to her body, she had conveniently forgotten her umbrella at home and the car had broken down on the way back from office. She was left with no option but to walk back home as she was not carrying enough money to hire a taxi. 

Muttering to herself and blaming her bad luck, she was running absent mindedly when she suddenly bumped straight into someone, the result being both of them lying flat on the sidewalk, with the rain drops falling on to their faces. As she looked into the face of her savior, she recognized those eyes. Realizing it was Mark again, she did not have the heart to get off him.

" you mind getting off me, Lady?",  he said in his thick Scottish accent.

"Oh I am so sorry", Sheila said quickly, realizing she was neatly perched on to his chest.

"Its all right, but now I am beginning to wonder why we end up bumping into each other this way?", he said, with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Guess we are destined to bump into each other all the time, and before much ado, I guess we should take this chance to introduce ourselves to each other without another spree of bumping into each other", she said

"Well, I see no harm in that." So after the introductions were made, they both started laughing at their encounters. 

"I see that you are completely soaked till the skin. If you want, you can come over to my house which is just nearby and change into something dry before you end up catching a nasty cold,"  Mark said, nonchalantly.

"Hmmm.... I am not really sure about that," Sheila said, at the same time jumping at the invitation. "That was surely fast", she thought to herself

"I can give you something dry to wear and maybe quickly make some hot simmering coffee to beat the chill with" he said, " but it's on you to decide, and maybe if you do decide to come, we could chat a bit as well."








The End

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