The Promotion

As usual, Sheila had been too busy in calculating her bonus, without realizing that her BOSS had spoken to her. 

" Uh, Mr. Warner, I am so sorry I was not able to catch what you said",  Sheila fumbled, going red in the cheeks, feeling highly embarrassed.

"Well yes,  I was speaking to you but it seems that your lost in your own little dream world." 

"Umm...I am sorry about that, Mr. Warner!!!  I was just thinking about the presentation and the ad campaign." Sheila replied, with a slight smile  slowly creasing her face.

"Hmmm", said the Walrus, " It indeed went well and somehow, I knew I had made the right choice by entrusting you with the campaign. But now that we have got the campaign, it doesn't mean that you are off the hook for good. It means that you need to work consistently as you have in the past and keep up the good work."

Sheila was flabbergasted. Had she heard right?  Had the Walrus, yup, THE WALRUS, congratulated her, right now? Were her ears playing a trick on her or what?  This day was surely full of surprises. First, her reaching late to office, then, Mark turning up in her office uninvited, and now her Boss, congratulating her for the first time in her long tenure with the company. Well definitely  this day was going to amount to something. 

"Thanks a lot, Mr. Warner," she replied, " I really appreciate what ever you just said and I assure you, I will not let you down in any way."

"Yes, of that I am sure myself." he replied, 

"Oh, by the way, before you leave," he said,  just as Sheila turned to walk out of the cabin, " You are the Vice President from now on!!! So Congratulations and let this day prove to be a day of double celebration for you. " 

She turned towards him and he winked at her. Today was indeed some extraordinary day. 

" I had prepared for this day since so long but now I am completely speechless," she thought to herself, " But, heck, she had finally gotten what she was striving to achieve since 2 years."  Her work had finally paid off and it was gonna be a day of celebration. She made a mental note to call Susan and tell her the good news.

But, in her happiness, she had forgotten all about her promise to Mark.  He was in a problem and he had turned to her for help. Was it so easy to approach the person you were dating at one point of time and especially, when that person was your fiancée?  Guess, Mark had no qualms about approaching her, but she was not so sure of her feelings now. She just hoped that she did not go back the same route which she had walked once.








The End

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