The Meeting


"Pheww....finally Mark has gone!! " She thought, realizing the smug expression on 
Sherry's face earlier. So this was the reason why she was feeling so happy in the morning. But whatever the reason be, she sure was glad that Mark had left and thankfully, her boss hadn't seen him come or go. At least she hoped he hadn't.

Remembering her boss, she half walked and half ran to his cabin or rather the 'Denas it was often called.  Thinking whether to go in or not, she quickly made up her mind. Entering into the 'denwas a task in itself which many of her colleagues usually tried to avoid. 

On entering, she just about stifled a giggle. Watching her boss march up and down the parameter of his spacious cabin was just too good. It reminded Sheila of a big Walrus walking around, flapping his long fin like hands and feet.

“Good morning, Mr. Wal .… Mr. Warner!!!”  Oops, she had almost blurted out Walrus in front of him. Correcting herself right in time, she was indeed having a tough time stifling a grin. Attach 2 big teeth to his mouth and he would be in a position to attract any female Walrus. Going by the big belly he was used to carrying around, it felt as if the buttons on his waistcoat were going to pop out any second. Sheila could not help but remember the old song ‘Pop goes the Weasel’.

“Ah,” exclaimed the Walrus, “Miss Walters has finally arrived.”

 “Yes Mr. Warner, I have finally reached office on time. So if you are free, I was thinking if we could quickly go over the presentation once before Mrs. Smith reaches the office.”

 “Oh, So YOU even think, Miss  Sheila Walters?” said my pompous Boss with a sardonic grin. God, if I could just have my hands wrapped around that think neck of his,  I could wring all the life out of him.

I decided to keep quiet because I could understand his frustration as well. Both of us had been under a lot of strain lately as this campaign was gonna fund my promotion as well as a big bonus for all the guys working in the company. But I just could not justify the sarcasm in his voice.

"Let's get down to some business now, shall we?” said the Walrus, at the same time looking at Sheila straight in the eye. 

After discussing the presentation and explaining to her boss the underlying concept of the presentation, the Walrus seemed to have been tamed so as to say. He just sat there with his eyes on Sheila and muttering something to himself; he just pushed his seat away from the table and said, “Let’s proceed to the Board Room. Please call all the other members and we shall wait for Mrs. Smith over there only.”

We had barely reached the boardroom when Sherry called in to announce Mrs. Smith's arrival. All of us got together to get the things ready and that's when the source of our  'Bonus' walked in. 

Sheila wasted no time in scrutinizing her from head to toe.  Being around 30 year's of age, clad in a well fitting Armani suit, armed with a Berkin bag, and a string of pearls endorsing her thin neck, she was beautiful in her own way. Going by the classy look of her clothes, there was no doubt in Sheila's mind about the status of this woman in society.  " I bet she has a royal lineage!!! " 

Steering her thoughts back to the situation, she realised that there was a presentation to make and that too, it had to be done well otherwise, she could wave her promotion goodbye. 

Taking the name of her guardian angel, Sheila started off the presentation with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. But seeing the expression on the Walrus's face, things somehow got out of control.  The figures she had learnt for the presentation just flew out of her brain like a swarm of birds. No matter how much she racked her brains, she just could not remember anything. 

" Crap!! This could not be happening to me", Sheila thought, disappointment creeping into her mind. "Why, o, why does this have to happen at this time only? Couldn't Mark have come at any other time apart from her BIG DAY!!!"

Stuttering and stammering for words, she could not help but notice the glare from her boss's side.

"Oh no, there goes the bonus and my promotion along with it," she thought 

But then suddenly the smile on Mrs. Smith somehow made it all seem alright. It felt as if her guardian angel did not want this moment to get messed up. Somehow, the reassuring smile on her face did the trick. Regaining her composure all over again, and brimming with the same enthusiasm she had originally started off with, she completed the presentation even better that she had thought possible.

Finally, everyone stood up and started applauding and Mrs. Smith personally came up to her and congratulated her.

The news everyone was waiting for with bated breath came eventually. Our firm had scored a full 100 with Mrs. Smith's idea of the campaign and I could see the much awaited promotion walking my way along with the extra bonus. 

"If only some one could see me right now", she thought, " they would actually be able to see 2 big dollar signs glowing in my eyes at the moment"

Snapping out of her reverie, she realized that the Walrus had just spoken to her.

" Oops, as usual she had been too busy dreaming to hear what he had said" 


The End

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