The Shock

The moment Sheila entered, the person she last wanted to bump into was waiting for her, right there in her cabin. 

"Hi Sheila, so finally the Missus has reached office" said her no more fiancé , Mark, in his typical Scottish drawl.

"What in the world's name are you doing here in my cabin, Mark?"  Sheila asked with dismay and adulation in her voice.

"Well, cant i come to visit my once would have been wife?" he asked with a sardonic grin etched on his handsome face. What was happening to her? Hadn't she  thought that her past would not come back to haunt her again. But yet here it was standing right in front of her eyes, smiling from ear to ear.

First her idiotic boss screaming on her earlier in the day and now Mark showing up at her office unannounced.  What else was in store for her today, Sheila wondered. But before anything else, she had to deal with Mark, otherwise, her boss would get some words to say to her and she was sure, none of them would be good.

"What do you want now,  Mark?" she asked slightly irritated, but still not being able to get her eyes off those baby blue eyes. " Why, oh why does she get so mesmerized by those deep blue eyes?" she wondered to herself.

"Ummm.....I am in need of some money urgently. As you already know I can't ask my mom for it and I left my job cos of John, and now I have nowhere to go and ask for money. Will you please help me out, for old time's sake?"  he pleaded, those puppy eyes peering at her, through and through. 

"I think that was the biggest mistake on your part. Why did you leave your job cos of that boyfriend of your's?" she asked, remembering how she had broken her  engagement with Mark on finding out he was gay and involved with another guy as well.

" He left me with no option. John wants me to move to Miami with him as he has got a major modelling assignment there and I was left with no option but to give in and quit my job. But please help me out, Sheila" he pleaded again.

Those innocent looks, the curly brown hair, deep blue eyes the color of the ocean, these were the exact features which had driven her crazy on first sight. Sheila had bumped into Mark on the beach for the first time, when he was there with his so called boyfriend John, whose identity she did not know at that time. 

"Fine, I will see what I can do" she replied, "but first I have an important meeting to attend to or my boss will kill me for sure today. So, you just relax and go home. I have your cell number. Will call you in the evening and try and work out things"

"Thanks a tonne, Sheila! I knew you would be the only one who would help me out in my time of need" replied Mark, with the boyish charm showing on his face all over again

"God, that smile makes me so weak in the knees still."  she thought.  It had been almost 8 months now since they had broken up but he still had the same effect on her. She felt like such a teenager with him around, complete with the fluttering in her stomach, and swooning head, she could not help but giggle at her childishness. 




The End

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