The Preparation


All geared up for the day, with the biggest task still ahead, Sheila began the climb to her office on the 4th floor. Rehearsing a few of the lines from her presentation, she felt very proud of herself. Giving a virtual pat on her back, she entered the office premises.

 “Good morning, Miss Walter” said the receptionist, Sherry, with a smug smile on her face.  She seemed to be the center of attraction for all the guys in the office, complete with a fake bosom and long slender legs wrapped in a black skirt.

"Oh god, she is such a fake" , thought Sheila, "and such a pretentious woman for sure. She surely has no sense of how to sit in the office whatsoever."

“Good morning, Sherry”, replied Sheila, reciprocating the cold smile with one of her own. “Hope you had a good weekend!!!”  

“Oh yes, I surely did” she replied coyly.

"Well, that's good. At least some one had a good weekend. " 

Sheila was well aware of the beefy boyfriend Sherry used to carry around with her like a handbag. Were men just like  trophies for such women or had the generation of today lost all moral values? Thinking about her past, recalling some moments could actually be really painful. But did she need this kind of diversion at this point of time, she asked herself. 

"Oh, by the way, Sherry, is Mr. Walter's in?" Sheila asked, very much knowing the answer and dreading it as soon as she had asked.

" He sure is and as mad as a hatter at the moment, so you better tread carefully " replied sherry, with a smug smile on her face.

Rushing to her cabin, she decided that as soon as she had picked up her file and all the documents, she would go and meet the 'BOSS'

But the sight which met her eyes as she entered left her left her aghast.




The End

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