The Misery continues

Somehow or the other, Sheila managed to get out of the house. Making a mental note to pay the bill online, Sheila started her Volkswagen and eased it into the busy New York traffic. “Oh my god, I am gonna be so late for office today,” she groaned. Checking the time on the dashboard of the car, she banged on the horn, willing the cars in front to move, literally making the people on the sidewalks jump out of their skins. 

Why does there have to be a traffic jam at exactly the time when one has to get somewhere on time.  This thought was her constant companion while traveling to office daily.  Switching on the radio in order to ease the tension a bit, she began to rehearse a few of the lines from her speech.

Suddenly, while driving, her cell phone began to ring. Cursing the person calling in such dire circumstances, as if the person on the phone was responsible for the traffic jam, she checked the screen. Seeing ‘Boss’ flashing neatly on her cell phone screen, her knuckles turned white. Not knowing what to say, she answered the call. From the other end, Mr. Warner’s loud voice boomed over the line.

“Sheila, where in Christ’s name are you?” he demanded, anger evident from his voice.

“Ummm.....I am on my way, Mr. Warner. Just stuck in a minor traffic jam and should reach office as soon as it clears up, say in another 10 minutes”  replied Sheila meekly

“Well, you better get here as soon as possible, because I just got a call from Mrs. Smith and she will be here any minute now. And, obviously, we don’t want to be unprepared for the big presentation today, right?” he replied, sarcasm dripping from his voice, as if she was the one responsible for causing all the chaos on the roads of New York.

Somehow, her boss had the capability to make her feel unnerved. Regaining her posture, she managed to get out of the traffic and taking the shortest detour known to her, swerved the car into her office’s parking just as the clock struck 9 am. Breathing a sigh of relief, she picked up her bag, tucked her shirt in and checking herself in the rearview mirror, she got out of the car. 


The End

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