The Start

The story revolves around one main character, Sheila, and it slowly unfolds, bringing in the depths of the main character.

“Its so frigging cold today” thought Sheila as she got out, leaving the warmth of her quilt behind. Rolling onto her side, she glanced quickly at her snug roomie Susan, who was all wrapped up in her quilt, with just her nose peeping out like an animal’s snout.

The clock had just struck 7.  With the alarm going off on her cell, Sheila decided to get up in order to get ready for office, before time, for a change. Today was indeed a big day, all with the Board meeting scheduled to impress her client Mrs. Smith, in her prestigious Advertising firm and also, at last she had to give the so called hyped presentation for her ad campaign.


Her Boss, Mr. Warner had been on her case from the past 2 weeks. She could still hear his words reverberating in her ears. “Sheila, this is a big case for our firm. We need to impress the Client. I hope you are putting in your best for the preparations of the jingle Mrs. Smith has asked you to prepare.” 


The finality in his tone still made her shudder. “I just hope Mrs. Smith and Mr. Warner like the presentation I have prepared for today.” she thought. “If this goes through, my promotion is confirmed. Not bad, not bad at all. I would actually be promoted to Assistant Vice President of the 2nd Best Ad agency in the country” Sheila thought with a slight smile on her face. Realizing it was half past 7 already, panic slowly started to creep in. In a state of hurry, she realized that she had wasted 30 minutes of her precious time in her reverie.


Switching on the geyser in her bathroom, she quickly bustled about preparing her breakfast. Rushing into the bathroom to quickly shower and prepare for her oncoming day, she let the warm water run all over her body, releasing the tension out of her already tensed brain. Putting on her best formal suit, with her hair tied in a neat bun on the top of her head, Sheila checked her appearance in the mirror.

The sight that met her eyes made her gasp. The person who looked back at her was a complete stranger. The once glowing skin which had made her proud for 15 years was now sagging like a limp laundry bag and the dark circles under her eyes were like the craters on the moon. Realizing how neglected her only asset had become, Sheila resolved to do something about it as soon as the weekend came.


Leaving a note for Susan on the coffee table, Sheila hurried out of the house, locking the back door behind her. “I hope Susan remembers to pay the phone bill today. It’s been overdue for almost a week now.” Sheila thought. But knowing Susan, she was well aware of the workload Susan handled on a daily basis and also knew the bill will not be paid until and unless she did it herself.


The End

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