The Stars, the Moon, and Everything Else

I thought it might be fun to try something a little bit different: a story written from end to beginning. I assume that it's probably been done on Protagonize already given the huge variety here but I didn't find anything in my relatively brief search. So, here goes.

Jackson took one final look into the hole he dug and the intricate details of the oriental censer inside, grimaced, and then began replacing the dirt he had displaced. He had need to hurry, but he took his time. Everything seemed like it would be okay now. He couldn't say why: he just had that feeling, and he had learned to trust it lately. If the feeling could be trusted then certainly no one had followed him here, human or ...otherwise.

The hole was small and the filling went quickly despite his lack of haste. He packed down the top and levelled the mound with his spade, stood up, took a few steps backwards, and smiled at the invisibility of his work. It was done.

Jackson breathed a sigh of relief and then looked up to the sky, taking in the vast blackness and the millions of tiny dots that speckled it. Millions, he thought. The sky was a different entity altogether this far from the city lights.

He remembered what the old man had said right before he died when Jackson asked him to reflect on his entire life and sum up his favorite thing about the world in one sentence. It was meant as something to keep the man thinking for a while, a sort of unanswerable question which Jackson would have answered for him with another question had he not come up with something so quickly. The stars, the moon, and everything else Clint had said. He had mistaken it for ramblings back then. Now he knew what the old man meant.

The End

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