The Light Travellers

His dream had been to one day join the ranks of the Star explorers.  And Soren White Feather had studied long and hard to realize his dream.  It was almost miraculous that the son of a cobalt miner would be granted entrance into the Stellar Academy and then beyond miraculous that he would graduate first in his class.  Yet, before he could even take his first flight in one of the interstellar cruisers, he was selected to be one of four pilots for the highly secretive Black Light Project.  Now, five years in training, the time had come for the first mission of the Photon Accelerator.  And this first mission fell to him.

The Photon Accelerator was based on the principle that light is both wave and particle.  And being such the light at its beginning point is one with the light at its ending point.  Once encapsulated in a photon "package", matter could be set into constant acceleration through the light channel created by the light preceding it.

Now, young Soren, blue-eyed, blond-haired Soren lay strapped in the mirrored transport pod.  Light could not enter in the cabin, nor could light escape.  There were but a few touchpoints under his control, primarily to control the climate of his tiny world.  For the most part, he was merely a projectile being shot through the folds of space.  The theorists imagined that the Light Travellers would quickly lose any sense of time and that the acceleration and deceleration would be but sudden and momentary discomforts.  Soren would soon discover that theorists were correct in their projections ... except for the degree of discomfort in the beginning and the ending of the voyage.

The target for this mission was a source of electromagnetic transmissions recently received by a listening buoy placed at the edge of the galaxy after the last Great Stellar War. 

The countdown was nearing its end and Soren White Feather would soon become as starlight.




The End

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