They hadn't noticed before but they were in the same class. All her friends kept turning to look at her while she was waving to Luke. She wrote a note to him and passed it to him on the way out from class. It said this:

Meet me at the big tree at lunch I need to talk to you. I will try to get rid of my friends but that might not happen so easily. Sorry if they come along! Love Alida Xxx

He just laughed a little. Then ran to catch up with her. He whispered when he was behind her.

"Okay meet you there."

She jumped back in surprise.

"Oh, it's just you. You gave me a fright. Don't do it again!"

"Awwww I was just having a little fun."

She giggled. All her friends looked back and saw them walking together and laughing. They all looked at each other and at the same time said

"Awwwww. That's sooooo cute"

They all head off to drama class when everything went crazy. Everyone was talking about the play the drama club at the school were going to do. Alida and Luke looked at each other and laughed. In drama they all had to pick groups of six so Alida and her two best friends and Luke and his to best friends went in a group together.

"So you want to audition for the main girl and boy part in the school play as well as the one we are doing with the outside club?"

"Yeah, it sounds fun! But what is the play going to be?"

"Romeo and Juliet!"

"My favourite! We should audition it would be fun"

"Well then that's just what we'll do. The audition is Friday at lunchtime."

"Okay. Remember next is lunch we have to meet at the big tree."

"Yup i'll be there. Without a doubt!"

They started laughing again. All the girls in the class said at the same time

"Awwwww. Sooooo cute!"

The End

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