When her mum saw this she couldnt help asking"so did you have fun then,Alida."
"Yes mum, we got through the script 1 full time we were about to start it again but we didnt have time."
"Oh, so I came to early then did I."
"No, I lost track of time. We are really good friends now to"
"I can see that when you were waving at each other. Apparently he is a bit of a shut in. He really likes you its obvious"
"Oh don't be like that mum i am sure he is pretending to like me so he can get through the play without getting in trouble with his mum."
They stayed quiet for the rest of the journey, Alida was getting worried about Luke and text him asking if he was ok and saying missing you.He replyed with this:

Yh I am fine i cant wait to see u again. I am missing u to I want to be with u right now Alida.

Alida had said she cant wait for tomorrow we can practice together again.As soon as Alida had got home she went to bed so she could dream about her and luke.

School every childs worst nightmare.She got a lift today because it was raining and she didn't want to get wet. When she got to school she met up with her friends.They had been talking about her going on the stage when she came all she said was hi because when she turned around she saw someone she knew. Suddenly she noticed it was Luke. She waved and he waved back and walked over to her. Her friends all went who is this at the same time. All she could say was"This is my boy friend,Luke"
Luke in return said to his friends"This is my girl friend, Alida."They hugged and Alida whispered in his ear "I cant wait for tonight we are doing the best scene of all."
He whispered back"The kissing scene!" Then the bell rang and they went to form class the lucky thing was the were across the corridor from each other so they kept waving and blowing kisses.

The End

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