The Stage

The story is about a 13 yesr old girl,Alida,and a 14 year old boy,Luke.Alida loved shows Luke hated them.They both ended up going to the same stage group they didnt talk much apart from the play.Alida liked him but never saw him after their first show together...

It all started on the stage. If she hadn't wanted to be on stage they would have never met. Alida a 13 year old girl had done a couple of school shows in her life and wanted to do more. Luke age 14 had also done some plays and wasn't really interested in them any more. Unfortunetly for Luke his mum decided that he was to good just for him to get into football instead of being on stage so she forced him to go to a stage group. They gave him main boy part,which was bad for him but his mum loved it and thats all that mattered to him.Alida auditioned and got main girl part she was soooo happy but her mum hated her doing shows. When Alida got home her mum grounded her for going to the audition without permission. Then she heard Alida sing. Alida thought she sang horrible but her mother came in and asked when the next rehersal was.Alida answered"tomorrow mum why do you ask."
"You must go to that rehersal you never told me you could sing like that."
"Am i good mum?"
"You are not good..."
"But i thought u said..."
"You are amazing."
"I need to go round to this guys house tonight for practise can i?"
"Of course,do you want a lift round."
"Yes please mum thankyou."So Alida got a lift round to Lukes house but while they were having that conversation Luke was getting mad at his mum.

"Mum  it's unfair everyone gets to go to this but me because i have some stupid person coming round to my house because we have the main parts" shouted Luke.
"I can't just call her and say don't come round Luke didn't want you here it's mean Luke"
"Fine"Luke went up to his room and didnt come down to see Alida when she came.
"Luke, Alida is here"
"I'm in my room. If she wants to practise she has to come up here."
"Sorry about him just go upstairs first room you see when you get to the top"
"Thankyou very much for letting me practise here"Alida said before dissapearing

Alida knocked on Luke's door"Hello,Luke are you in"
"Yes,just come in"
They said hi and gave each other phone numbers to keep in contact then they got down to buisness. They got all the way through the script. All the places where it was a stunt Luke would jump off the bed and Alida would come and make sure he was ok. They laughed and joked and had sooo much fun but soon Alida would have to go. Her mum came to the door just as they got to a stunt."Luke,I have to go i am sorry"she kissed him on the cheek"Will i see you at practise Alida..."
"Of course."He kissed her on the cheek"I love you Alida i have had so much fun"
"I love you to and are you sure your ok from all the jumping off the bed"she said planting a kiss on his cheek"I will be fine i promise.Goodbye"
"Wait here have my email.If you hurt anywhere from jumping off the bed or just want to meet up just email me or text me."She left the room and the car drove off with Luke waving at her, and Alida waving back.

The End

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