We must stop them, from dismantling us.Mature

We must stop them, from dismantling us!

   The party knew, they would have to stop them.  They would have to be ready for whatever they would throw at them.Their from the kingdom. She knew that the man hated them, that had sent the forces towards them.

Tahlia knew all about fighting from what she had been taught by KaLIEA about their forms of combat.  They did not fight armies who lived in the woods. their combat was usualy with the forces that were as they were. Their armies would walk in columns to defend curb hithemselves such an act as this was to timidate their foe.

The road through which they would travel would be dense, not large enough for columns. They would be hampered by their actions in that they were not used to traveling in small units.   The columns would be maybe four soldiers instead of a number of forty.

That would prove to be not benefical for them, they would meet their match in coming here.  They were used to fighting in closed quarters, in small numbers. They had been doing this for years.  So,it was old hat to them.

  She knew they were coming; they were to draw first blood. Her brother had been brooding for war with them as long as she could remember. He did not look favoribly at her joining their faction. She knew his reasons, but suspected that she would be able  to stall him into not doing anything.

But now, how could she call them off, if Kaliea does not stop them from attacking them. All because of the mage with the staff.  She wanted his head, to be attached to that staff. She did not know as to where hehad come from nor did she wish to know.

Her soldiers sounded the alarm.

They were coming. She knew, she would have to delay them. The question is how? That quandry she has to come insinct with. There is a glade in which five pathes converge, they the enemy who are coming on horse back have to go there to get to here.  She knows of her own forces who can be there, in the speed of an arrow.  They will have to ride as if their very lies depend upon it.  

Her archers are trained to kill.  That is what they do? That is what she will have them do.  The soldiers will not be pursauded to leave, if they do not kill the majority of them outright.   She knows this, and that is what she proposes to do?

The soldiers arrive in the middle of the glade, where the pathes meet.  The soldiers look around as if to try and determine which way to go. The largest rider looks about, he hears not a sound other than the pounding of their horse's hooves on the ground.  They can not ride two by two.  The path is large enough for one mount to ride.  The trees about it impede the route of the others that are languishing behind them,  He raises his arm to signal for them to stop. His neck becomes exposed from beneath the mail mesh.

Her cheif archer takes note, and rises his bow.  Let loose an arrow, that catchs him in the throat, just beneath his adam's apple, he tumbles from his mount to clutch the arrow as it sticks out of his throat. He falls beneath the other horses hooves as they pound him into a mass of jelly.

It is then in the ensuing confusion, that the other archers let loose their bows. The air is thick with arrows, going into the center of the glade, where the soldiers are presently moored.  

Kaliea holding a blood smeared bastard sword in her hands steps out from behind the trees  looks at the lot, who are not presently dead, but maybe wounded or terrified by the response of getting into this sparsely covered glade. from her forces.  She screams, "Begone!  Or we will be forced to kill you also,"

The force looks at her, and they flee back from whence they have come. They return to route that they have taken to get here.  And find, their own soldiers riding to meet them and  tell them to return to their kingdom.  They have been lied too.  The woman is their friend not their enemy.



The End

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