We have been set upMature

We have been set up

The soldiers who had left the kingdom, had been told that the wolves of War attacked and killed their king and prince on their day of the hunt.  There was no quarter asked or given.  What was the meaning of this, they suspected that they were being set up, but they did not know as what they had been doing.

   The horses were ridden hard, the horses were panting.  They were trying to stay alive, their riders were unable to do this,  by continuing to move their horses. Talhia and her riders jumped off of their horses, they walked towards the location of their camp.  

   The wolves looked at them, as they walked towards the company.  The wolves closed the gap/ Their eyes stayed upon the soldiers.  They teeth were bared, the soldiers stopped their advancement. They opened their gaping maws to show them how large their teeth were.

  The soldiers  grew afraid. knowing these dogs as they did.  Their lives would be lost if they were to advance any further. With one snap of their jaws they would be done for. One of the soldiers had seen their handiwork before, seeing a friend losing an arm to them.  It snapped the bones as though they were twigs.

      "We have been set up!" Talhia snarled as she patted the head of the wolf who stood beside her, the other wolves stopped running towards her.

     "they want us, to be at each others throats." Teba suggested as he looked at the guards who stood before them.  

     "What should we have expected from them, but that!" Dragos grumbled as he said this, throwing his fist into the air. Knowing full well, that his mother would no doubt not have supported his fears without evidence, they now had the evidence of their behavior being of what he had suggested this to me. We could not harbor the belief that they would have done this.

    "Who would do this?"

   "Have we advised them of their error." Dragos suggested.

   "We did this."

   "And they had sent out their forces to impede our existance."

   "So, it did not matter." Dragos suggested, as he walked into the house, where their influaince was usually exposed to the rest of the people. Looking over at the other people who were there inside the house, he knew their battlements were strong to protect them from invading forces.  The army that would enable to come here, do not know of what we have here. They knew of a few things, as we had acted as a support to them from their enemies. However we knew to hold a few cards close to our chest. He looked over at the woman who rode back from their kingdom with an air of confidence.

    She smiled back at him as she to entered the house. Their guards snapped to their attention, as she entered the room. Her brother looked up from the table, he had been at. Looking furiously at them. He drove his hand down onto the table, that shook.

   Dragos snapped his feet to attention as well, he looked down to the floor. There was dried blood on the floor from those who offended him, that was why he always had his throwing axe at his hip. His hand lingered there, as he looked at Dragos.

    "Why are you here?" Mallea asked as if he was did not expect her to be here, however he had heard from their wizard that their trip would be eventful. NOt in a good way.

     "The party  I was with had been attacked, by forces that looked as though they were us." Tahlia struggled to  say, she did not wish to have to say this to her brother.

    "Why do you say this?" Mallea asked as he looked at her, he spat onto the table, slowly drawing himself up to his feet. He towered over the rest of the people in the room. Wearing a breast plate of steel, his hands looked as though they had been through a great deal of battle. He was a monster in battle, his arms were huge.

   "As that is what we had seen leave there.  Was a figure riding with a body that was dressed as we are.  The people we had sent out long a go! Were their bodies, that this figure used to lay beside the dead of the castle." Tahlia stammered, her mouth felt as dry as leaves in the fall.

  "Who was this figure?" Mallea inquired as he looked at her, she looked at him as if to say she did not fear him. This he knew as a fact, she was his sister, she was as good as he was in the face of battle.  Maybe even more so.

   "The mage with the staff." she supplied, she was afraid of what they would think, she had been the one who they had been pursuing long ago.  They lost him in the woods, he was leaving the region when they caught up with his minions.  They dispatched them to heavens.

    "I thought, he had left the region long ago." Dragos declared. He smiled as he said this.

    "I am afraid, he has not left!" she continued on in her statement, as if she did not even dream of acknowledging his statement. "He rode  with an army to exploit the enemy of his. He created the scene, that was as if he masterminded it.  I do not know as to how he had done this, to them." she supplied.

    "How could he have done this?" Mallea inquired, closing his fist.

   "That I do not know, how?" Dragos asked, as he looked at her, she felt a chill race down her spine as he did this.

The End

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