Reaction of the queen,Mature

REACTION of the Queen

  The queen looked at her son, with dire hatred in her heart, there was no way that he could have done what her son told her, he had done.  She wanted her husband to be here to claim that he was mistaken.  However he was not here. 

   'If she was to believe the words of her  son, than the man who had returned from there was lieing! Why did he have the bodies of one of the wolves of war in his hands. How could that be there, if he was not there.  Her son looked as though he had been in a great battle.  There was no real scars on the man who her son was claiming was lieing.' Taverious looked stricken with fear upon seeing him there. Taverious looked about as though trying to find a means with which to escape

He returned, half a a day ago. On horse back yet. What has her husband done to be slain in such a fashion as this, by the man he called his friend.  He was now, standing before her. He looked very confused upon seeing Kaliea standing there.  He should not have been alive.

 "Taverious told us, he had been slain by the wolves of war."

He looked at him again. Having seen the warriors attack the royal hunting party, he knew that they would not leave any one alive.  They could not afford to have anyone remain alive, but him. His eyes were as large as they could get.  His mouth grew dry as a desert is hot. Bit his hand, trying to quell the fear he was feeling.

"Yes! I still live!" Kaliea declared as he looked him.  He watched Taverious, who faultered his step, he was about to run away, but the guards still held him. In his garments, he was unable to elude their grasp.

"What do you want to do with him?" the largest guard asked.

"We need to make an example of him. Do we not, dear?" Kaliea suggested as he drew his face to his own.

Taverious  spit at him.  The guard who held him, smashed his face into the nearest pillar.  He broke his face against it.  Blood, bone and teeth fell from his face,  To litter the floor like leaves in autumn. The guard smiled at him as he drew him back to face him, his nose was flattened.  Blood ran from his nose, the brow of his right eye, and lips like a stream to create a large pool beneath his feet.

Kaliea looked at him, and the guard who had done this him and smiled, say,"We need him alive, we need to know who we can trust. I believe, we can make him talk, don't you?"

The guard who still held him, let him go. He fell to the floor in a heap. He looked into Kaliea's eyes with a sign of bitter contempt. Kaliea looked at him.  He had trusted him, until he did this to him, "Yes, I believe we will find the answers we seek."

  Kaliea wondered, why he had choose to do this to his father?'  "Yes, I think, we can get him to talk?"

"When?" a scribe asked as he walked into the chamber to write their desire down for the populace to know.

"Immediately!" the queen replies as she looks at the scribe. The scribe looks at her, he does not desire to know the full ramifications of the details. But he also trusted the man  whom Kaliea accused of doing this.  

  The guards dragged him away from the throne room.  Smeared his blood across the marable floor, he did not look like so, much. Kaliea once thought of him as one of his father's most powerful generals, he was able to do this and that.  Nothing had ever tarnished his image, now all he was, was a lonely man. His hands were covered in the blood of his people.

He screamed,"No!"

He was now in the hallway, being thrown through the press of people who were wishing to see their queen. They looked afraid of him, and the guards with him. They understood his fear, because they were not under any control that he held.  Several of them disliked him, but they had never thought to bring it to the kings attention.

The gaurds threw him into the Goal. The other prisons looked at him, with a gleam in their eyes. A few rats looked up from what they were eating as he came inside the cage, their eyes gleamed in the darkness.  They did not scurry away, they advanced t9wards him.

The prisoners decided that they did not like the looks of him. They closed the gap,  osn him.  They looked at him with disdain. 

Kaliea walked towards the room, with the maps and rules of order that hadbeen written in the documents as to what he could and can do with this figure, who should be tried for treason.  'What can I do with him,' he pondered.

The documents were held in the librarians hands, he knew where everything was.  The Mucko looked at him with her eye glasses been never off of her face.  She smiled at him, asking,"What brings you here?"

  Kaliea looks at her, she does not see that his garments are ruined, that there is dried blood covering most of him, and his garments. "It seems ,we need help? Taverious has been selling us out!"

What proof do you have?" Mucko asked

"I am alive is what proof I have.  He claims I am dead?" Kaliea suggested

"That is indeed proof!" Mucko responsed, as she looked him over carefully as though to determine what he was.  Living or dead. She decided he was the living person as she touched his hands.

"Have you seen him, here!" Kaliea asked

"oddly, enough.  He has been down here, pouring over the books yesterday, and the maps of the champaigns before." she supplied.

"Concerning, what regions?"  Kaliea asked.

"The area where the wolves of war live!" 

"I thought, so!" Kaliea

The queen looked  about with fear, she knew nothing about this place.  She had been told that there were rats and other animals of disgust here. The gaurds who brought Taveruis here looked over their shoulders to see her walking with them into the room, water and freshblood ran from the walls to cover the floor where denizens of the gaol resided in their bodial waste,.a

     The queen looked Taverus and smiled into his face. He was hung there, with his wrists secured to the wall, his feet were also braced to the floor with chains   "What have you done?"

    The guards had been presently lashing his front lower and upper torso, He winced and tried to conceal the effect that they were causing him a great deal of pain. The whip was dripping with salt water, He screamed in pain with each touch of the whip. The guard was very strong and skilled with his whipping. 

 "nothing, my majesty!" he said, with a sneer.  r

  "Throw that it, into the mix." she suggested as she indicated, chain to replace the whip. The guard looked awe struck at her suggestion.  Lifted the heavy inch linked chain, it had been resting in red hot coals. Smoke wove a web from these links. The chain crashed and tore through his flesh. Blood rained from the wounds, bones had snapped beneath their heated links.

The other prisoners looked at him with anew appearance of displeasure. At, least here, they did not openly support her the Majesty, and her people.  However they wish to be in her good graces.  If he was no more.  They might look too favorably to her.

She turned and left after awaiting his response, that he could not muster to protect himself with.  His mouth hung open, He looked at the others who were closing the gap with him again.  This time, their eyes spoke of malice so determentle that there would not be anything left to say to them.

In the in suing melee, he did not return.  The father of the night has taken him in to his world.  The queen resigned him to his fate.  Her son wanted him alive, so he could learn as to what other treason he had done to their kingdom.  

Tahia sat at a table in the inn.  She and her fellow soldiers of the dogs of war,were there.  Kaliea had given them a sizable sum for their deeds that they have done.  She had ordered food for her people who were here.

When it came, for payment,.  They did not wish to receive the coins.  The inn keeper in fact gave them a great deal of the amount that they should have had to pay for it.

Tahia smiled, easily.  She did not like this, but there was nothing they could do to rectify this matter.   They decided to go to a place of worship.   

The citizen looked at them, with a great deal of fear, but the guards had told them.  That they had brought back the prince.  He had not been killed, he was a live.

The citizens were unable to relax with the wolves walking amongst the streets,  They looked furious. They were nearly the size of a horse in size. The citizens moved out of their way as they made their way through the coseways.

They finely found a place of worship.  They took off their weapons before entering the building,the people in here looked at them in awe.   Tahia was able to relax there, she walked into the isle and walked towards the altar. 

     The person looked at them, Caln walked towards them. He smiled, "Why are you here?"

    To seek a word with our god?" Tahlia suggested

   I see!" Caln declkared

   "We have to do things for the people who are able to rule over your kingdom." Tahlia 

  What do you wish to do?

  Give you the gift that we received for doing this for him."

  Are you sure? That is all."

"You know ,  I love Kaliea. That is who we have saved,"

"I was told he was dead."

"Would have been, if we were not there?"

"What!" Coln exclaimed, he did not wish to believe this, but he knew she does not lie. Tiberious told them, he watched him get slain.  By them.  Oddly enough the gaurds had let them through the gates. They should not have done this, especailly if they are concerned the enemy.

  It did not make any sense, but they were here. They were not in the dungeon, they were walking the streets. He did not wish to make them feel ill at ease.  He was upset, that he had been lied too.

   The people here, had asked them to be blessed for the attacks to be put upon them. The wolves of war. They would be soon there.  He wished he could call them back, but it was too late for him to stop this from occurring. The blessing they had given to him, has been given too late.

   He looked at her, she looked into his eyes, and saw what he was thinking. "We have to return to our kingdom?"

   She turned and raced out the door, drawing with her.  Her soldiers to go out and protect her self from them. Someone has called for the forces to be considered the enemy.

There has to be a reason, to protect their forces from the armada that they have sent to destroy them.








The End

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