Kaliea stormed inside his castle, he had ridden with the forces that had come

     after the forces had disposed of his friends and associates.  They  the gaurds almost did not let them in side the kingdom.  They did not trust the  people that were at the door to kingdom. Talhia was there with her dire wolf and a few more of the people from that region.  Their king's son liked her, but the king had not returned, he was killed by the dogs of war. The woman was one of them.  

  Talhia let go ot the reins of the horse who Kaliea was riding.  This rider sat tall in his saddle, one of the guards at the gate saw the sigil ring of their kingdom.

     "You are not to do this.  Come into the kingdom!" Baldera stated omniously, as he looked at her.  The horse that Kaliea rode stopped before the gates to have him take off his hood, so as that they could see who it was.  that was there?  "

Kaliea.." he faultered at the sight of Kaliea, he should not be here.  He was dead.  He was told this, by the general.  He stepped off of what he stood on to hurry down to receive him.

Talhia said,"I have brought the prince home. I know, someone has spilled dirty water about us."


The gaurds at the door, beside which there were tapetestries hung with grvaen images upon them. The walls were adorned with gold trim, the floor was marible.  The guards looked as though they were afraid of what they were seeing.  A man dragging his right leg behind him.  His garments were awash with dried blood, grass stains, horse feces  and smelled of decayed meat. His armor was as their own was.  He had no helm on his head, he looked up at them, he was being brought in here with the aid of one of the dogs of war who was supporting his right side.  Blood ran from his body, in small brooks. 

   When they realized, who he was. "Please forgive us, we thought you were dead."

   "Who told you this?" Kaliea asked in a voice that was barely audible, Kaliea needed help to remain in his standing.


"Who did he claim attacked them?" Talhia asked.

    The hounds?" Morning suggested.

 "If I tell you different,who will you believe?" Talhia inquired

     "You, your majesty! Without question!"  Baldera claimed as he slammed a hand against his chest to suggest his alleagiance to his ruler.


Kaliea walked into the castle headed towards the throne room, he had to talk to his mother, as his father had been slain on this little charade.  They had been set up.  He knew he could not trust Tiberus.  Tiberus had been sowing seeds of discontempt for the king, it was rumored that he had his way with trollops, and was wooing the queen behind his father's back.  There was nothing, he would not do to put himself there on the throne that Kaliea's father occupied.  He had a way with his words, his actions in the feild of battle were ledgendary. 

  "Why he did not know?" but he would find out. Stepping past the gaurds at the door. They were about to close ranks until they realized who he was.  

He croaked,"I have to see my mother?"

  "Of course, my leige."

  His mother looked up at him, she shook her head, it could not be.  She had a look of abject terror, her eyes were filled with terror. Her son was dead.  Tiberus would not lie.She, now, saw her son alive walking into the room.  She  dropped the staff that she was to hold, fear filled her soul.  

"I was told you, were dead!" 

"I was lucky, enough to avoid the information, that we were told,  Tiberus is lieing to you.  We were attacked by the mage, who had asked us to allow him to rule over us. In exchange that we would not be over thrown by him."

   "Tiberus. I want him found?" his mother snarled.

    The guards looked at him as if he had dared to spoil the meat that they were to eat. They took off to find Tiberus. They raced out of teh area to find him, they had a look odf the greatest desire to find him.  

  Tiberus heard a loud knock at the door. The door was thrown open with a great deal of force. The gaurds tore into the room to grab him.  Tiberus had two women with hin, he was a sleep as were they.  

The guards  droev him out of bed.  Forced him to his feet.  He was naked.  They did not desire for him to be clothes.  They threw a blam]nket over his naked orm.

  "What is the meaning of this?" he asked.

"The prince  desires to see you.  Now!"

 "The prince.  How?"

   "That is why he wants you to address."

Tiberus was dragged to the royal thrown room.  He struggled to be releived of their hands as they held him there.  He looked at Kaliea and looked at him again.  He khew he had seen him, slain by the soldiers weapons.   There was no way he could be alive.  There must have been an illusion.  That was it.   He was still there, dead.  With the others, too.  The figure looked as though he had been battle scarred.  There was a look in his eyes, that suggested he was afraid.  That was good.

  "Tiberus, who attacked the party in the woods." the queen asked.

   "The dogs of war, or was it Malleeshion!" Kaliea

 "He could not have been here."

I am afraid, I am alive." Kaliea addressed him.

"I saw him attacked by the dogs?"

That is why I am alive. What woukl they have to gain, by slaying us.  Other than that we had journeyed to far into the woods.  You have arranged for us to die there.  Then you would no doubt sell my mother out so as that they would take over the kingdom."Kaliea declared.

  The peoople were going to go to war against the dogs of war.  Instead of perparing for a battle with them.  The forces would eb unable to protect the kingdom from a force within our midsts.

  Taht is proposterous.  Why woud I do this?" Tiberus suggested.

  To take over your kingdom!" the queen suggested.

   Talhia looked at the precedings with a look of fear she did not know as to what she would have to do to protect the kingdom.   She was unable to do anything top help herself.  Tiberus had poisoned his father to despise him.  Her friend now had evidence to protect the kingdom from him. She saw the enemy as she had done this. She knew she had better have them join their side in this matter.


The End

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