Chapter 1Mature

A maleveolent figure is trying to take over the realm. He weilds a staff that had five heads on it. He prays so he can not be evil. His studies are those of a wizard not those of the clerical order. He is evil beyond belief.

                                                             The staff 

Chapter 1

   He has awakened from the battle feild, the majority of the participates were gone.   He saw the out come. Seeing the man holding the staff to rest on his shoulder, the figure laughed happily as if he had nothing to worry about.  

   He wanted to reach for a weapon with which to dis patch him on his huge black stallion, he lifted his arm to reach what he saw before him. A sword.  Whose edge was broken and dulled from the usage here. The blade was covered in dried blood, he saw his hand close about the pommel of the sword seeing breakages in his skin. He winced as he did this. Blood was dried on his arm. Every inch of him hurt.

    His eyes did not waver from him, he heard a twig that had snapped. Nearby him, turned his head to see what had made the sound. He saw a soldier standing before him, his hands were on his weapons. 

He froze. He was unable to move if he was too, he would be dead.  The soldier kneeled down to check if he was still breathing. The solder turned the sword from his hand

    He thought,as he remembered being told this, by a man who had fought in many battles, but he saw him die, on this feild,"Kaliea, to do this.  You have to hold you breath, think of a calm stream.  Slow your heart, to not make a sound. Do not allow your concentration to waver! You will be considered dead!"

     The soldier turned about and walked away after acquiring the sword. Saying,"They were foolish enough not to listen to you. What did they think they can do against you?"

  They walked away from the feild. He slowly rose to his feet.  Looked at the bloody battle feild. The soldiers whom he knew were no longer alive.  He swore he would have vengence. He had drawn up the bag of papers that had been brought to them to tell of them the information about this man.

   He looked at the dead, tears rolled down his cheeks. On his hand was the signant ring of his father.  He would not live to see the day that he would rule the world.  He was Kaliea, the son of his father.  His castle would be under seige.

   He began to walk towards the road that they have taken to kill them.  He had long hair, it fell to his shoulders. His breast plate was covered in dirt and dried blood. His legs were covered in a loin cloth. He still had his mace.

   He saw a dire wolf that tore off away from him, he recognized the wolf it was Talha's she was live.  He told her to run away from the feild when he saw the soldiers begin to advance into the feild.  The soldiers numbered in the hundreds.  The soldiers were well versed in combat.  

     Talha emerged from where she had been hiding, her and her own people.  She had a score to settle with him as well.  She and the members of her party had been harried by them.  They pilliaged and raped her, She bore a sword, that had dispatched the man responsible for this. 

 A man appeared when she had been harmed by them.  The man wore full plate mail, he was not there now.  He appeared as soon as she had been impaled by the man. His choice of weapons were a bastard sword, short sword,  and a mace.  He vanished as soon as he dispatched them all.

The sword was in a baldric.  She had found it there with a skeleton of a knight. The wolf walked towards him. The wolf leapt up to his shoulders, knocked him down onto the ground.      

    Talha was a blonde woman, she was well developed.  Her clothing was a leather jerkin.  She walked towards him, tapping him on the shoulder. He looked at her, and smiled. "Why did this have to happen?"

    "Because, he had to be shown as to who he was."  Tahlia asked

"Why are the dogs of war here?" Kaliea asked as he saw the dogs of war laying dead with his army, that had been slain by them. The army that they faced was no the dogs of war. Having been brought forward to look as though they had been slain here. Their armor and sheilds had been replaced by their own. 

  "So, he can blame them for this?"Tahlia looked at Kaliea, she shook her head. In disgust.


  They rode on horse back to nearst community. They looked at the party who had come through the door.  The forces were able to enter looked relieved of the problem. Galtate looked up from his beer, blew the foam of f of his beer.  He did not look pleased, with who had come in.

  Why have you brought him here?"

   "Because he fought with him?"

    "I take it, you had to get involved in this matter. Kaliea! I warned you to stay out of the arena of your father."

   "So, you knew, he was going to do this?"

"Yes! I even tryed to warn your father of him, but he woudl not liste n to me.  Why?"

"Brother, do we gop to war!"

"Yes, we go to war?"

"The dogshave come!" 


The End

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