The sports are good.

You can practice many sports.

I used to practice many sports, I just practice some sports now, but I discovered that brings benefit for the health, also the sports can relax you if you are tense. You can practice any sport but try to practice sports that are safe. If you do too much sport, you can be tense and it is dangerous for the health. Somebody that knows about it can control the amount of the sport that you do, it is positive, sometimes people do not control, they do less or too much.

Walking is not considered as a sport, but it can keep the balance of the body.

Also, some people consider chess as a sport, but it does not include physical exercise. I think sports include physical exercise. Swimming is considered as a very good sport and complete.

You can choose any sport that you like. I agree, for some sports you need special equipment, but choose one that you can do.   

The End

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