The Spider and the Fly

a little story about life and death and someone close to you brought to you by a fly and a spider.

I saw a fly die today. I heard it buzzing frantically in my room and found it stuck in a web in the light on my ceiling. One of its wings frozen in place, unable to get free from the sticky substance. The spider emerged from behind the light, crawling closer, to the helpless fly. Taunting it so, moving in when the buzzing stopped, shying away when the fly struggled some more, gaining space each time, each time less afraid. When certain the fly would do no harm, the spider lifted his hind legs and began to spin it’s web on the fly, still furiously buzzing away, growing tired by the second. The spider, now completely sure the fly was all his, began to bite him, injecting him with his poison, bringing him closer to a deep inescapable sleep. But the fly kept at it though, as the web incased his body squeezing tight, and the venom slowed him down, he buzzed. I had seen enough, reaching up, I shooed the spider back into the depths behind the light. I freed the stuck wing of the fly, but that was all I could do, the fly hung lifeless on one tiny line of web. I pulled him apart from it, it was the least I could do, the spider may have taken his life, but the fly put up a struggle the whole way through and was not about to be a meal tonight. The spider would have to go hungry and search for his food elsewhere.

The End

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