After watching his best friend, Clayton Burns die because of a car speeding past the speed limit, Jace can't help but feel the need to find who's responsible for the death of his friend as he uncovers the mysteries and secrets she never told him.

Some things happen faster than what we expect. They come from the shadows, the moment we least expect them. They come in clusters of good or bad, a downpour upon you that you can't overcome. Moments like these will always be on the move, always appearing, and never resting and absolutely, unpredictable.

Sometimes, I wish they weren't.

If they were predictable, I could stop the pain. If they were predictable, I would control them. If they were predictable, I could have stopped her from crossing the street. I could have told her of the red Pontiac rounding the corner at seventy-five miles an hour, but I didn't.

Forever, the ringing sirens will be trapped in my ears, bouncing like a tennis ball as it hits the walls in my head, trying to escape. Forever, blood will remind me of her along with the Pontiac's front bumper, smeared in her blood, speeding away as if nothing happened. Forever, I will remember that licence plate speeding off at seventy-five miles an hour, her harsh breathing in my ear and her perfectly blonde curls spun like gold with blood crusting in her ends.

I will never forget anything from the five seconds it took for her to step across the road and hit the pavement; dead weighted. I will never forget the shocked look on her face as her eyes so blue and alive became haunting and lost as they stared into the starry night above just like we used to when we were kids. Just like when we sat on the hill and she told me the stars were angels to watch over us and keep us safe and inside, I wonder which star was hers and which one failed her tonight.

I tell her she'll be okay as I cry and cradle her head in my lap with the fear that she can't here me. That she'll never hear my voice again and that her voice will eventually become a lost memory that I will barely know as if it's a dream.

Still today, I question her last words. The words she spoke after I thought she was dead. The words she spoke right before the ambulance appeared: "I-I never t-told y-y-you." she said as she coughed on the blood pouring out from her mouth and falling like red hot tears down her chin.

She never told me what she was going to tell me and I had no way of knowing where to look for information on a subject I didn't know. I wasn't sure how to find out what she never told me, without having any information indicating it.

And so forever, it will haunt me, along with the red Pontiac, the blood spilling onto the pavement, and the rush of sirens in my ears.

The End

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