Life is fast.

Life goes by so fast which is enough of a reason to live, love and enjoy every single second.

When you look back on what has happened so far, there has been lots of challenge that you never thought you would survive, lots of heart ache that left you feeling like your heart was broken and finally just when you could not take one more thing, you are left with the joy and satisfaction of being alive.

Life is very much like car racing; it’s fast, dangerous, risky and demands your clarity and focus to be 100% all the time.

When driving fast at high speed it’s vital, essential and an absolute must to keep your eyes focused and mind clear in the direction you want to be in.

There is very little room for error, if for one second you lose focus or clarity to where you are going anything could happen and the outcome could be fatal, however if you keep clear and focused then the odds maybe on your side, bearing in mind in life there are no guarantees.

There are those moments when you are driving and all seems to be going very well so much so that you start to day dream and in doing this go into automation, which is very similar in life, we go in to complacency.

This level is destructive, stagnant and pointless, take every lesson as a learning lesson, stay clear on what you want and don’t ever settle for less, by doing this you will become a world class racing driver.



The End

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