After the Sparrows

I remember a room all in white, surgical equipment, and machines making noises.  As the haze began to lift, I found myself in an operating room.  "Am I waking up?  Or falling asleep?", I asked myself.  No answer.  I speak but nothing comes out.  I move my lips again, but hear nothing.  I try to fix my eyes on something concrete, but can't focus clearly.  A coolness comes over my body.  I remember the car, my last cigarette......but can't figure out how I got here.  I tremble with confusion.

Once the confusion pieces together the fractured pictures in my mind, I remember the sparrows hitting my car, I pull the wheel to the right.  Now the car is spinning out of my control.  I remember hearing metal against metal, and soon the memory comes back full force-- the car rolls, every roll I counted, knowing that the more rolls I count the less likely I would make it.  After the third count, darkness surrounds me.  


The End

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