Prewritten Explanation?

Niki says:

Why should we? Eve, you just disappeared for like, a month, and you didn't even tell us you were going!

Carlz says:

Yeah, and then you just appear back suddenly with no explanation and tell us to calm down? Where were you?!?!

They were annoying me.

Evie Pixie says:

For your information, I was sat in the kitchen when I heard someone calling my name quietly. Something made me go out into the garden and I found an emerald. I picked it up and got transported to some house somewhere and met other people who'd had the same thing happen to them. We got magical powers. The house turned out to be in Atlantis. We got told we were descended from ancient Atlanteans. Then we got targeted by some weird people called the Black Ones whose powers counteracted ours and they wanted to kill us. It was hard and two more people got killed because of it but we finally managed to overcome and kill the Black Ones and then we all went back to our homes. I came straight on here to see if Ben had added me and he had. Happy now?

I pressed enter. 

Hang on. 

Did I just tell them exactly what had happened in Atlantis?

Ah, hell.

They took a long time to reply, so I presumed they had a seprate convo open, discussing what to say to me. They did it a lot, and I found it annoying.

Carlz says:

Eve, get real. This is life, not a dream.

Niki says:

Yeah, and you didn't need to prewrite the explanation before we asked.

Evie Pixie says:

Prewrite? I didn't-

Carlz says:

Don't treat us like we're stupid. No one can type that fast, even if they're touch typing.

Ah, crud. I realised that, due to my power of enhanced speed, I'd written those one hundred and forty five words in the time it would take an average person to copy find a document and copy and paste something and then press send.


The End

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