Burnt Toast and Déjà Vu

"Yup," said my brother, grinning from ear to ear. I sighed, and got a very strong feeling of déjà vu as I dumped the black squares into the pedal bin.

I suddenly felt very tired. I accidently knocked a piece of paper off the table and as I bent over to pick it up, my emerald fell out of my pocket.

Now Adam may not be the most observant person on the planet, but even so most people will notice if an unusually large green gem falls out of your pocket and doesn't smash when it hits the floor, proving that it is a gemstone and not glass.

"Woah! What's that?" he asked, beating me to the emerald just before I could shove it back in my pocket and act like nothing had happened. He held it it up to the light, turning it round slowly, causing green light and rainbows to dance across the wall and floor.

"Is that a real emerald?" he asked.

"Yes, it is. Give!" I said, trying to snatch it back off him. He held it high above his head, taunting me. I'm not exactly small but he's insanely tall. And I'm only two years younger than him!

"Where'd you get it?"

"I found it! Give!"

He laughed and gave it to me. I shoved it to the bottom of my pocket, ran up to my room and booted up my computer.

The first thing I did was sign into MSN, and as soon as I did a conversation window popped up.

Ben says:

Hello, sparkle eyed pixie girl.

Ben! He'd added me already! I added him and quickly messaged back.

I Bit The Apple says:

Ben! Hiya, fish boy!

Ben says:

I bit the apple?

I Bit The Apple says:

Bible reference. 1 sec

Evie Pixie says:


Ben says:

I like it.

Evie Pixie says:

Yay! =3

The End

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