Chapter one-Part ThreeMature

My hand plunged into my bag and then pulled out a tattered script, held together by an infinite number of staples. I laid it down before him and watched silently as he pulled on the first page and then began to read. My foot tapped at a rapid pace as I combed his face for any reaction. After a couple of minutes he stopped, pushed the script back into the middle of the table and them spoke.

"I like it." Jeff did not like it. "It's good." It was not good. But I didn't know that, not then.

"So we're using it?" I said mirroring the fake smile on his face.

"Yep." He paused and raised his hand. "One thing though, it's about her isn't it. You’re trying to get her back."

"No! I don’t even." I trailed off into mumbles.

"I can't guarantee she'll work with us on this."

"I know."

Jeff called for the bill and then paid, brushing off my bluff to pay for our meal.

When we got outside I started off in the direction of a bus stop. "Where are you going?" Jeff called out.

"My parents’ house, I haven't rented out an apartment yet." I said without breaking my stride.

"Adam Adam Adam." My name punctuated each lunge he took until he was at my side. He wrapped an arm around me again "What do you take me for? Get in the car." He steered me towards a modest but impeccably clean blue car. We got in.

After a couple of minutes of driving I had to ask.

"It doesn't look like we're going to my parents’ house."

"Of course not," he scoffed, “we need you on campus."

"Who's we?!"

"Me! You! The universe! I have a surprise for you, just sit tight." I shut up for the rest of the drive.

The university lay to the north, near the outskirts of Wardwood and causing a growth of second city centre deep in the suburbs. A juxtaposition of sorts. Jeff led me there to outside a newish apartment block that looked very studenty in nature.

"Well, we're here." He said letting the engine idle, and then dropping a set of keys into my lap.

"Wait, did you buy me an apartment?!"

"You’re hilarious. I’m tremendously wealthy, but not that tremendously wealthy. No, it's one of my father's places." He trailed off. Jeff's father worked in real estate and was rather successful, hence the car and clothes and endearing but slightly assholish attitude. “I did get all your stuff moved down here from your parents place, and bought some groceries."

"Thanks, that means a lot." I got out of the car. 

The End

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