I shook it all off, remembering my hunger. I thought that perhaps it was only temporary, that perhaps my memory would come back if I gave it enough time. I reopened all the cabinets I had searched through earlier, remembering seeing a box of some sort of food stuff. I took it out. It was a half-eaten box of Cheerios chewed through by rats. I brushed past all their little droppings to pull out six cans. One was convenient enough to have a tab to open the lid. I pulled on it and slopped the diced peaches into a bowl.

I was not overly fond of canned peaches, but seeing as it was all I had to eat I finished the whole can, juices and all. My hunger subsided, I pushed my dirtied bowl away and looked around. I felt no difference other than the cessation of my growling stomach. I sighed and stood up, thinking that a walk might do me some good and perhaps even enlighten me on my current situation. After inspecting the entirety of the cabin in little more than ten steps, I went outside.

With my head slightly more cleared than the last time I ventured out, I took in the scenery. My small cabin was in a clearing surrounded by forest. The forest around me, however, was only the remnants of a burn. Dead trees stood everywhere, charred and bare, standing like the needles I had envisioned them to be. Some had fallen and some leaned against each other, making the whole area look like it had seen a great battle.

I began walking around the cabin, trying to remember what I was doing in the middle of nowhere. I tried to find some clue as to how I got there, but the only thing I saw was an old propane tank, a well and a trail leading off somewhere into the forest. I kicked the dust at my feet and then a clump of dried grass. The sun was bright-too bright- for the sky looked overcast. After calling out to see if anyone was around, I listened. I heard nothing but the sound of my own breathing. Everything around me seemed foreign and I was afraid.

The worst of it all was that no one was around to share my fear or end it. I was confused, helpless and alone, with only an old photograph, some cans of food and an innate knowledge of survival to keep me alive.

The End

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