Chapter 1: Feeling

This story follows the growth of a fallen nation through the eyes of a man whose life began at the end.

Chapter 1: Feeling

I felt.

There was not much running through my mind as I was slowly pulled from that dark and heavy pit of unconsciousness. No words, no thoughts, only the screaming of senses calling for my attention. I was suddenly aware of my body- not that I was in it, but that I was it. I became aware of the pain in my side- a dull and constant ache. It was a slow process but I eventually became aware of the darkness behind my eyelids and the heaviness of my muscles- for I realized I had muscles and that my muscles could move if I felt enough. There was no denying how I felt.

I felt like death if death had a feeling.

I wanted to groan, to move, to relieve myself of some pain, but death- if only a feeling- is not so kind. Paralyzed for even the smallest amount of time, I began to feel fear. After fear came this strange, tingling sensation in my legs and after the tingling came the worst pain I could have imagined if imagination were even a possibility. My head felt like it was being beaten by a blunt metal object to an incessant rhythm. The moment I realized what pain I was in, I wanted nothing more than to return to that dark and oppressive hole of unconscious nothing.

Unfortunately for me, one cannot simply will themselves into a coma.

I tried to force my eyelids open but they were so heavy and the light was so bright that it made my head hurt even more. I did, however, manage to grunt and roll myself over. My forehead pressed against something hard. I inhaled deeply through my nostrils, but in doing so I breathed in dust. Coughing, I reached up and tried to push myself against gravity. The movement hurt my head and so did the light, but as soon as I sat up I felt a stab in my groin and I knew that I there was no possibility of returning to unconsciousness.

At that moment, as I opened my eyes slowly to the agonizing light, I had one thought on my mind- the jeopardy of my teeming bladder.

The End

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