The Sound of Silence

Audrey's best friend dies in a car accident, and she feel unmoored without her, enters into a depp deppresion

Hello Darkness, my old friend

Dull. It was all so very dull. No bright lights, no pitch black. No sharp snaps, no silence. Dimming yellow light, soft moans, gentle creaks. Pain that was a muted ache deep inside, not needles pricking the skin. It didn't feel like death, it didn't feel like much at all.

I guess, that's because it wasn't. Not for me. I woke up two hours later, the only remnants of that moment rough scrapes and scratches littered across my arms and legs. If you saw me on the street you would think nothing at all had happened. Nothing. At. All.

I was never in the ICU, never in critical condition. No one ever wondered if I would wake up, or how damaged I might be if I did. Death simply missed me and accidently slipped into Julie's lap. Maybe she could tell you about the blinding white light, the sound of your own skull bursting into shards. Maybe Julie could tell you about the terrible pain of steel as it burrows into your side.

I wish that I could, but I told you, death slipped and never righted himself.

The End

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