The Sound of Courage

Action story about some people who find themselves on the run from the government for various reasons.

He had ten seconds.  Ten seconds to get to it, grab it, and get out of there.  Getting there in time would be hard enough.  Getting out was another matter.  He ran, his heart thumping wildly.


He glanced up at the skies, looking for a sign of the helicopter that was supposed to pull him out of there, but it was nowhere in sight.  There was no way it would get there in time to help.


He ran on, narrowly avoidinga few trees.


He was running out of both time and energy, his breaths coming harder and harder.


He was starting to head downhill now.  This was a good sign.  He knew the truck was near the bottom of the hill.


He tripped on a root and began rolling head over heels down the hill.  One thought filled his mind; at the end of the hill was a drop-off, a cliff several hundred feet above more forest.


Thud!  Although rolling down a hill hurts a lot, stopping hurts even more.  But his tumble towards open air was stopped by the pick-up truck!  He was there!  Now he just had to grab it and get out of there.


He climbed to his feet and wrenched the door open, reaching in and grabbing what he needed.


Thinking quickly, he threw the truck into neutral, giving it a small push.  Then he ran.


The truck began to roll down towards the cliff.  He leapt away from it onto the ground.


The End

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