The music was loud and the bass was shaking the windows that night when she walked into the apartment. John had been drinking and she could tell just by his leer that he had been going at it for awhile. She hustled the kids to their rooms, while slipping their Halloween costumes over their heads. With promises that they could have some of the loot from the treat bags tomorrow and hugs and kisses, she turned off their lights and closed the doors.

" Grab a couple of beers while you're out there ! " The hair on her neck immediately stood up, her whole body beginning to shake in trepidation of what she knew what was coming. Realizing there were no more bottles in the cooler, she walked into the living room, praying that his party would end or go anywhere else besides there. " Where the hell is the fucking beer?" He looked at her with an ugly snarl on his face when his even drunker friend stumbled out of the bathroom and declared that there was more at his place and that they could go there and his old lady would cook for them too. " You go , keep a few on ice," John told him. Mike grabbed his coat, looked at John smiling and fell out the front door.

John went to their bedroom and she breathed a quiet thank you to God while cleaning up the mess they had made. My mother was right she thought, I have to get the hell out of this before he ends up destroying us. Never in a million years could she have guessed that this once gentle loving man was truly a monster with nothing but hate in his heart. Lost in her thoughts and memories, she never heard him approaching from behind. She was thrown to the floor and when she looked up at him, the barrel of a sawed off shotgun was pointed at her forehead. " You stupid bitch," he growled, " you and those kids have been nothing but trouble and tonight, I'm leaving those troubles behind." He swung the gun around and started shooting wildly at anything and everything. The room exploded with gunshots, broken glass and her screams of terror. She crawled into the farthest corner , trying to shield herself and looking for a way to get to the kids. Inch by inch, she crawled away from him and the chaos when the shooting stopped. She turned to look and he had the gun pointed at her once again. " You ain't going anywhere honey" and he pulled the trigger one more time.

The End

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