Chapter 1 Surfacing

Ah. My happy place. Sitting at my piano. Of course, I was playing "Moonlight sonata " My favorite piece. The phone ringing didn't bother me, neither did the doorbell. The dog barking outside might as well have been in another world. Playing my piano was my refuge, my escape. Finally, the irritation made me stop. I picked up the phone. "Sheamen residence, Michaela speaking." I said as cheerfully as I could. What I longed to say was : "What the hell, i'm busy! Shut up!!! Like, is it really that important? God dammit, piss off." But I was brought up to be polite and respectful towards others. "Hello,  i'm a represenitve of the local grocer near you. Are you interested in buying.." Said the voice on the other end, which i interupted saying: "I'm sorry. We are not interested in purchasing anything at the present time." I hung up and resumed my playing. I refused to let anyone inturupt me.

I was underwater, pulled down by my music until I didn´t want to resurface. The phone rang again. I answered it grudgingly.

"Yah, this is Michaela Sheamen. Can I help you?"

At first all I heard was breathing on the other end of the phone.

Then the caller spoke.

The End

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