The Soulful Pianist

12 Year old Michaela is a soulful pianist who cant find her place in the world and is afraid of what people think of her, so when she feels too overwhelmed, she retreats to her music. Then she meets another musician and with his help, Michaela learns to let her fingers roam the keys and flow where the wind takes her.


I couldn´t stand it anymore. I felt like the world didn´t understand me. So I did what I always did: I succumed to my music. The moment I got home, I headed straight to my piano, my one safe place, somewhere i could let go. To feel the glossy keys under my fingertips and hear the melodious sound ringing throughout the air. Never would i want to leave, to stop the bliss, to let my small piece of heaven slip away from me, even for a moment.

The End

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