The one man siege

A lonely samurai that finds friends as he goes on a quest to lift a curse.

"Hold the castle at all costs!" The general yelled. He picked up his telescope and viewed a single man walking towards the castle. "What one man! Archers ready!" he yelled. The archers pulled there strings and let loose there arrows. The samurai meerly walked on glancing at the arrows. His eyes shooting from one to another. His head directed the math that was needed in his brain. he stepped to the side three times and stood perfectly still. the arrows fell around him but not a one hit its target. He was closing the distance now. ten feet from the door he pulled out a long knife like spear. its handle was two feet long and its blade was six inches. he thrust it to his right and the door fell in two. "Ok are you all ready to meet your fate?" He asked.

The End

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