Just Give InMature

Dante paced back in forth on the bamboo floors the candles flames swaying as he created a breeze.

“Dante you need relax, pacing isn’t helping anything.” Namine said rubbing her temples, his constant pacing beginning to irritate her, Raven slowly walked over to him and nudged his hand. Dante looked down and sighed patting her head, his blood pressure dropping slowly. He squatted down and buried his head into her fur.

“That’s strange Raven only likes you and Zira, looks like you have to bring her along.”

“Alright let’s do this, Renegade isn’t doing too well.”

“I am fine, let’s just get this over with.” Renegade barked as Zira walked her over to the table that was set up in the living room. Namine jumped at Zira and Renegades voice and stood up walking over to Zira.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I have no other choice Namine.” Zira said opening the book to page 666 and reading the journal entry again.

“Luca is there any way the moon shines into this room?” Zira asked quickly as Luca smiled grabbing a remote and hitting a button. There was a loud screech as the ceiling began to open up much like an observatory at the Smithsonian; the ceiling began folding like an accordion revealing the moon that was full and bright against the navy curtain of stars. Zira had knots in her stomach, she was beginning to feel nervous as the realization hit that she was about to let someone take her life. Dante saw the nervous look flash across her eyes and walked over to her.

“We don’t have to do this, we can find another way.” He whispered lifting her chin up with his index finger and thumb forcing her to look away from the book.

“We have no other option Dante, I am ready-“

“You don’t have to pretend to be brave, it’s alright to feel scared.” Namine interjected. Zira sighed angrily and backed away from everyone.

“I am fine okay!? I want to save Renegade and our people, I am doing this for my kingdom and there is no ifs ands or buts about it. We are going through with the ceremony and we are running out of time!” Zira shouted grabbing the bowls that they already had set up and handing them out.

“The cumin and salt mixture goes around all the doors and windows to keep away the spirits, and Dante, the cinnamon, myrrh and galangal is for you to rub on my flesh.” She said putting the book down in front of Renegade and sliding off of her jacket and shirt revealing her smooth toned stomach. She laid on the table slowly the cold wood making her jump as it touched her skin. Dante rubbed the concoction on her skin keeping his eyes locked on hers, she gave him a gentle smile as Namine began binding Zira’s arms and legs. Dante wiped off his hands on his pants and grabbed Zira’s dagger; he held it above her chest, his hands trembling.

“I can’t do this-“He whispered, Zira went to reach for him but the ropes prevented the contact.

“Yes you can, you did it once before you can do it again my love. Just believe in me, believe in us.” She said

“NOW DANTE!” Renegade yelled as Dante whispered I’m sorry, before stabbing the blade into her, the sound of her flesh tearing open as she screamed out in pain, tears slipping down her eyes. Growing up with her sister she never seen her cry more than three times, Namine looked away feeling her heart break as she witnessed the act, Renegade quickly drew a pentagram with her blood across her stomach. As the moon reached its apex, bathing the room in light, Zira began choking on her blood, the sickening gurgle and short shallow breaths echoing loudly, Raven whimpered and tried to run over, Luca held her tightly as the wolf struggled against his grip. Zira looked up at the moon and let out her final breath before falling limp against the wood, her green eyes remaining open and fixated on the moon. Dante felt tears slip down his face as he walked over to the spell book beginning to read:

                                    For thou who sleeps in stone and clay,

                                    heed this call, rise up and obey,

                                    treck on through the Mortal door,

                                    assemble flesh and walk once more.


Renegade repeated the lines in Latin repeatedly:


                                    Quia dormit in lapidem et

                                    fictilibus attende, invitamento,

                                    surge et pareat Treck on per mortalem

                                    ostium congregamini caro et ingredior iterum

Dante felt his skull throbbing Namine, Luca and Dante looked at each other, blood was streaming out of their eyes.

“What’s happening!?” Luca shouted as a sharp pain shot threw his back, Namine quickly grabbed his hand and whimpered in pain as she fell limp against him.

“Namine!” He shouted before he fell unconscious as well.

“Renegade, what’s going on?”

“Just give in Dante, we will see you on the other side she said coughing, blood sliding down from her ears, eyes and nose. He grabbed Zira’s hand and fell into darkness.

The End

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